The Griswolds- Beware the Dog (Autograf Remix)

3/19/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Press play and scroll down for giphy goodness!

Ultimately this is a fun, hEpPy song for simple minded people. And what else do simple minded, fun-loving people like? GIFs o dogs of course! My one issue with this song is the title "Beware the Dog". Cause like yes, you should beware some dogs.

Like beware any dog who eyes baby formula with such crazy zeal:

or who models their personal grooming after Parisian mimes:

And if you're using ur bad-boy, image to attract girls (pointer: being on this blog, maybe the girliest of music blogs out there, is not helping you cultivate that rough-n-tough James Dean look in ur eye), then beware the dog that has wayyyyy more street cred than you:

And everyone should beware the dogs that work out for fun (actually, beware the HUMANS who claim they work out for fun too. They are lying to you and most likely to themselves as well)

And stay out of the way of any dog who hogs the remote like this mean-muggin' mutt.

But, ultimately, dogs are amazing, cute, silly, loyal creatures and we rarely need to "beware them". Like I really don't think you have to worry about this pup whose thoroughly enjoying his first trip to the park:

 Or the puppy version of the Olsen twins circa 1994 (Michelle Tanner is still my attitude idol):

And I don't really think you need to "beware" of a dog who can't even stay up past his bedtime:

Or one who can't even fend off against 2 kitties:

So, whether you have a Kujo-styled K9 in your life or just a Doug-from-Up doofus of a dog, ur day just got infinitely better because of this puppy-palooza of a post. Ur welcome.