Tove Lo- Not on Drugs (The Knocks Remix)

3/16/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Press play and scroll down for giphy goodness:

Mondays can be rough

You had just adjusted to your weekend schedule

Aaaaaand all of a sudden you're expected to wake up before the sun for 5 DAYS of staring at Excel and having co-workers spoil the previous night of TV (sry you didn't get the chance to watch it live because you actually HAVE A LIFE fell asleep eating dinner a hot pocket)

However, let you're Monday get infinitely better by pressing play on this "Not on Drugs" remix. Sure at first we're all like "come on, Tove Lo, believing the girl who wrote "Habits" isn't on drugs is like believing this girl thinks "Molly" is just an American girl doll

But I get Tove's hesitation to reveal her true party girl ways. PPL on the internet are uber mean about an alcohol-abusing pop princess (see Britney, Miley, Ke$ha, etc.) , and it's like

And Tove handles the haters the was all stars should: by DGAFing all the way from Sweden to L.A. and finding a big, fat record label to record her "sluttttttbagggggggg*" songs

*YouTube commenters favorite adjective (right down to the number of "t"s and "g"s) to describe my homegirl Tove

Ultimately, thank gawwwwwd the Swedish songstress is a success seeing as we get amazing, all-too-danceable remixes like this or Gryffin's 'Talking Body" remix. Whether your social calendar is busier than someone with the charisma and sexual appetite of Donna Meagle

Or you're someone who makes any excuse to stay inside with their BF Netflix account

This track is sure to get you up and dancing like this after-me-lucky-charms mo' fo'