t4L in a Nutshell: April 2015

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('cause we can't blog every amazzzzzing song that crosses our path. 
We do have lives TV shows to catch up on, yah know) 


My initial reaction: IDK who this girl is, but I already can tell by her voice she's too cool to hang with t4L

Jon Bellion- All Time Low

My initial reaction: There's someone out there who gets me. And by "gets me" I mean also thinks the real world sucks. like a lot.  

Kanye West- All Falls Down (Instrum Remix) 

My initial reaction: This song just makes me remember how ridiculous of a person Kanye West is and always has been 
Reminder: This man has a child. He is responsible for a functioning, moving human being... Even though he once complained that watching a water bottle was too much responsibility.

Kill Paris- Operate (ft. Royal)

My initial reaction: Literally all I can think about is "I wonder if this songwriter just harnesses a deep, immense disdain for the Hilton hotels heiress." (PLZ let me know if this is the case, Kill Paris, I'd love to know where this hatred originates)
But, likeeeee, idk how you could hate such an intelligent, modest person like Ms. Hilton, yah know?

Mura Masa- Lovesick Fuck

My initial reaction: Some people may hate this experimental, electronic stuff, but luh dem horns and, ultimately, I DGAF about what those haters have to say anyway (go back to reading Pitchfork or whatever sell-out music blog you came from)

Goldroom- Mykonos (Fleet Foxes Cover)

My initial reaction: do I hear a new Goldroom coming on my shuffle?!? I LOVE Goldroom!!


My initial reaction: this song just transported me back to my mid-2000s emo phase (and by emo I mean listening to the O.C. Soundtrack on repeat #leDUH)
Couldn't you totally see these boys performing at the Bait Shop circa 2004, though??

t4L, out!

Redondo & Boiler - Every Single Piece (ft. She Keeps Bees)

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Well people, we have arrived at the final track of the month. I was choosing between a ridiculous treadmill anthem and and an emo electronic guy when I remembered we would like to gain readers, not lose the 2 we have. Instead, we will close out with some vibey house music. No lie I've been meaning to blog this song for 2 months. That's basically a lifetime in indie music. Fact: hipster careers can be born and dead within 1 year. I would reference a bunch of formerly hyped bands here BUT YOUV'E ALREADY FORGOTTEN THEM. I hope that Redondo& Boiler stick around though, because I'm digging this. Aside from the fact their name sounds like a Ringling Brothers competitor, I have not a single objection to this song. Actually maybe we could lose the sister-wife album artwork. I'm not sure that photo screams "I am trendy new music! Buy me!!" but what do I know. My hope for this song is that it becomes this year's "Waves" by Mr. Probz. It has a similar sleuthy quality to its catchiness. Like, you didn't think "Waves" could end up on the radio, but against all odds it blared in every cab and Forever 21 for 3 months. That could be you guys. #goals

Phantogram - K.Y.S.A

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I think Phantogram is my favorite band that I've never seen in concert. Not for lack of trying ugh. They played at my school and I wasn't there that weekend. (Good job Grandpa, u turned 80, WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT***) I even had a ticket to their show in NYC last summer! But then I happened to be in South Dakota that day. And sorry Phantogram, but I couldn't abandon my trek to Mount Rushmore for Mouthful of Diamonds. Not even for Futuristic Casket. But hopefully the release of this new song means you will be on the road again soon, because I WILL see u guys before I die. Speaking of dying, I thought this song was short for "Kill Yourself Alive" Turns out those are not the words... and it's really "Keep Yourself Alive" So the opposite. And I know that "Kill Yourself Alive" is dumb, but when I thought those were the words, I really liked them. #oxymoronsrule . But whatever. Are there really "correct" lyrics when Phantogram is involved? No ones knows what they are singing anyway. I dig this song for the distorted viBeZ, not the words. Love you guys.

***nah I'm only playin I luv my grandpa. His 80th bday was magical. 


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OH MY GOD. This girl has literally written an entire song about the difficulties of being a basic bitch. Alessia, idk if that was your intention***, but you are my queen regardless. Below are some commandments of being a BB that are articulated in the lyrics of "Here"

Exhibit A: "I'm sorry if I seem uninterested / I'm not listening"
Right on Alessia. No one wants to listen to an ugly bro talk about his new t-shirt company for 25 minutes. "Ohhh so you sell snapbacks too???" This is code for: I literally don't care at all.

Exhibit B: "I'll be here /Somewhere in the corner / under clouds of marijuana " 
When a party sucks (and when it doesn't) you can find me in the corner laughing at the Fat Jewish insta 70 weeks deep, smoking a bowl by myself. Because he is more interesting than any of u fucks. 

Exhibit C: "I don't wanna get with you" 
Unless you are Andy Roddick, I'm not having sex with you.

Exhibit D: "I was late"
Fucking duh.

Other non-betchy things about this song: It's catchy and Alessia has a great voice. She reminds me of Maiday. What more do you need? NOTHING. Baiiiii

***Pretty sure that is not your intention at all. Pretty sure the protagonist of this song hates basic bitches, but I am one so I choose to interpret the song this way. Not sry.

Giorgio Moroder - Deja Vu (ft. Sia)

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Confession: I had no idea who Giorgio Moroder was. And probably neither do any of you. Well people, listen to a tale. I knew something was up when I typed in "Gior" in google and his name instantly came up. I knew something was weirder when he was revealed to be literally the age of my grandfather.*** Turns out, this man basically invented disco music. He is the reason Donna Summer exists. Remember "Bad Girls"? He created it. BOOM, history lesson. See, t4L offers much more than snark!! On his newest (and also one of his last...?) song, Mr. Moroder^^^ employs the talents Sia. Smart move on his part. Besides being our next President, Sia is persona numero uno in today's catchy pop music. While I don't predict this to end up on the top 40, I can certainly picture masses of hot European people shimmying to it in Ibiza. And that's good enough for meeeeeeee.

****To put things in further perspective, HITLER STILL WALKED THE EARTH IN GIORGIO'S INFANCY.

^^^consider us the NY Times plz

*RELEASE* Radio On- You're Always Right

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This band rocks. Like I'm in awe of the cool hipster vibes oozing from their track and their general internet presence (The guy on the far right in all black looks more trendy than I ever will even though I basically own that same exact outfit! I use to hazed freshmen in it lol). I love so many things about these boys, this band and "You're Always Right" that I decide to just write a list (slash I'm also just a lazy fuq who doesn't want to deal with proper sentence structure at the mo')

t4L's Reasons Why We LOVE Radio On and "You're Always Right"

  1. They are British

  2. END OF LIST. (jk, but it really could be. UK rules, US drools)

  3. They're originally from Scotland (git a pint for me at the Golden Monkey in Edinburgh next time you're home! My go-to hangout when I studied abroad there-- Along with Frisky Fro-yo #leDUH)

  4. And now they live in London, my FAVORITE place that I've ever lived in! (can I hAz ur life, plz??)

  5. Radio On is named after a revolutionary British film from the 70's (I wish my parents were cool and British enough to name me after a 1979 British film. Although "Monty Python's Life of Brian" would be a bitch to fill out on forms.)

  6. They wrote a single named after the three best words in the English language: YOU'RE ALWAYS RIGHT. Everyone LOVES to hear that they are right, let alone always right, amiright?? <---- see??? even that epithet was just a desperate plea for reassurance.

  7. The band was made complete when member Adam Hartley met James Johnston while Mr. Hartley was studying for a Theology degree in London (Underwhelmed by this one? Well, you uneducated prick, you know who also was studying for a Theology degree in London once upon a time? John Carroll, the first ever archbishop in the United States motherfucker. So I'd say London theologists have the potential to have some pretty legit careers. Ultimately, though, I kind of thought that name dropping Mr. Carroll would have a bigger effect than it did...  maybe if the audience of this blog was exclusively 9th grade history teachers then I would have gotten the expected reaction. Basically the reason I found this cool is because I'm a Classics major and us Theologists/Classicists/Elevator Operators/ppl with out-dated majors and specialties need to stick 2gether!) 

  8.  The band is all about rewiring the familiar into new context, citing Blood Orange and Robyn, two of my favorite artists, as examples. Basically they take your favorite aspects from every era of music and put them in the right combinations. Like an aural time machine.

  9.  "You're Always Right" has all the elements of a fantastic, indie-pop ditty:
    •  A bouncy and candid electric guitar that is quintessentially British-sounding 

    • Some vintage, 80s-dream-sequence synth

    • This really infectious and pulsing bass at the chorus

    • A sound reminiscent of the love child of fun. and Men Without Hats (pop goes the world was and always will be my guilty pleasure and I'm not afraid to admit it!)

    • and

    • A sense of hope, adventure and ambitio--LOLLLLLL! JK, can you imagine if I actually sounded that much like a self-righteous music-snob whenever I wrote?? Like basically if I thought I was wayyyy more in touch with my emotions than anyone else on this planet, including the people who wrote the song I was getting so emotional over? God people like that . Even more than I hate people who change their profile picture way too often.

"You're Always Right" is officially dropping May 4th through Making Visible. Also, I hate using the word "dropping" to describe someone's newest single. A new single is basically like an artist's baby and if growing up with parents like MJ and Britney in the celeb spotlight taught me anything it's that YOU NEVER DROP A BABY. Especially if there are paparazzi around and you are standing on a balcony. So, instead of saying Radio On is "dropping" their single May 4th, perhaps maybe I should phrase it as "Radio On is giving their single a warm hug and tucking it snuggly into its crib on May 4th". No matter how I phrase it, just don't forget May 4th PPL! So easy to remember! I mean, it's already a date all Star Wars fans have engrained into their calendars (May the 4th be with you all, loons! t4L, out!)

HOLYCHILD- Money All Around

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CAN JUNE 5th COME ALREADY PLZZZZ?? All I wanna do is sway over-dramatically to this song as I'm trapped on an island with no cell service and $17 hot dogs. AKA attend Gov Ball 2K15. But, alas, until I visit a Bed, Bath and Beyond that has the remote from "Click" in stock, I'm gonna have to be as patient as LiLo's personal assistant (if you haven't watch her Oprah documentary, you're missing out. It's like watching Mad Men, except instead of seeing the depressing, 8-season-long deterioration of an ad exec you watch the entertaining, 8-episode-long deterioration of a spoiled celeb with terrible roots-- I'm referring both to the streaky roots of her dye-job as well as her ancestorial roots, aka Dina Lohan, aka the woman who makes betches like Kris Jenner and Norma Bates seem like they are the best mothers ever).

Back to the point of this article: HOLYCHILD. No, t4L was not "born again" over the weekend. No, we are not referring to Jesus (although if I learned anything from "Step Brothers" it's that the King of the Jews had a set of pipes on him and we do review music...) No, we are talking about the L.A. duo of Liz Nistico and Louie Diller, who are taking the spring music scene by storm with their infectious brand of brat-pop perfection. Putting aside my personal feelings for caps-lock band names, I can find nothing wrong with this track (or these musical humans). HOLYCHILD seem to love fun things, hate consumerism and embrace musical experimentation. So basically u rock don't change, HOLYCHILD. In a world where so many artists are a Monica (see below), these hipsters embrace the quirky and weird, and for that, we thank you (sry to steal your sign-off Daniel Tosh, and for that, we thank you as well)

Galantis- Peanut Butter Jelly

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Press play and scroll down for giphy goodness:

Life sucks.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

But t4L knows a way to make your INCREDIBLY long wait for the weekend infinitly better (2 days can seem like FOREVERRR in the real world). Go from life feeling like this

to it feeling like this

Yes all this can be yours by simply pressing play and listening to Galantis' new track, premiered last weekend at Cochella (and yes I did just turn into a time-share salesman for a second there).

Don't get me wrong, I was like you at first too. I was hesitant to like or even listen to a song entitled "Peanut Butter Jelly". Was it referring to peanut-butter-flavored jelly? Or did Galantis just never learn the importance of conjunctions? (Not too mention how insensitive is it to people allergic to peanuts and thus who have no idea what the sensation of spreading PB feels like). But, despite my hesitancy, when I heard the first infectious notes and overly-autotuned vocals of the track, my opinion did a complete 180

The build is uber INTENSE. Like never have I been more engaged in the build of a song; as soon as it started to grow I got as frenzied as this kitty cutie

THE DROP IS EVERYTHING!! Good thing I don't take Calc still because I LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN with this drop. It makes me wanna flail my limbs like I'm some sort of wacky, waving incredible arm-flailing tube man

Like this song makes me feel as if I can dance as charismatically and as naturally as Queen Bey herself. You know, if Beyonce was actually mortal and not some sort of demigod (Would the mortal version of Beyonce just be a more publicly-revered Solange? Questions to ask when I have dinner with the Knowles/Carter clan)

For the older generation, I will use a different analogy (although if you don't understand that simple Beyonce simile then I assume you've been living under a rock at the bottom of the ocean without for at least 10 years. In which cause PLZ e-mail me and tell me about your life! Because that means you've either lived a fascinating, unique life or you are Patrick Star. Basically a win-win for me either way). Veering back to the simile from my long, parenthetical tangent, this song makes me feel like Whitney at her primeeee (aka like a 90 pound betch hyped up on enough cocaine to kill a 350 pound man)

And if self-esteem while dancing is an issue of yours, Look no further! The infectious melody and adrenaline-boosting production will have you dancing with as much swag and confidence as this suave, flamingo-dancing mo'fo

Also, don't worry, I didn't forget to mention the chorus, I just saved the best for last! I've been going around chanting "spread it like peanut butter jelly; do it like I owe you some money" for dayyyys now (which has resulted in a bunch of sideways glances my way. Not too often someone references a childhood snack and prostitutional conduct in the same sentence). Srsly, the chorus of this track is the definition of "catchy AF". I feel like it'll spark a whole new dance crave. Instead of "teaching ppl how to dougie" or "doing the harlem shake", the youth of the not-too-distant future will be "spreading it like peanut butter jelly" (see below for the choreography--speedos and shit-eating grin a MUST. Choreography which these Korean swimmers already have the DOWN by the way. Ughhhh, Asians: ruining the learning curve for the rest of us once again with their speedy learning. Typical.)

FRANKIE- Problems, Problems (Thero Remix ft. Caye)

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Press play and scroll down for giphy goodness. 

Well, I bet you all saw this coming. We were so obsessed with the original "Problems, Problems"  that we didn't say one negative word about the track when we reviewed it in February (And you don't understand. I'm usually a harsher judge than Simon Cowell circa 2003). And if I possess a Simon-Cowell-level of harsh judgement for orginals, then I possess a Gordon-Ramsay-level of asshole judgement for remixes (The easiest way to communicate anything nowadays is through reality TV references #leDUH). So when I saw a remix of Problems, Problems quickly climbing the HypeM charts (meaning it probably wasn't in the 97.8% of remixes that ssssssuck), I was like

And then when my friend saw my excitement-ridden reaction and responded "I don't know a dude named FRANKIE" (even though I showed her FRANKIE 2 f**king months ago) I gave off some major 'tude

And my mood worsened when I pressed play and all that filled my earbuds was deep, incoherent male vocals

But around :36 Thero drops FRANKIE's sugary-pop vocals at the same time as some warm tropical synth and it's like

You still have that anxiety-filled minute you have in any remixed song. You know, before the chorus has hit when you worry that the DJ totally f**ked up the catchiest part of the song. But when the chorus of Thero's remix hits, everything you loved about the original is still intact and it's like

In fact, the editing of this entire remix is pretty spot on. I meannnn, the tropical house vibes are amazing. When the tropical house synth first made its appearance I was like

And the addition of the violins at the chorus had me like


And when the rap verse came I was uber surprised but at the same time happier than  Pharell circa 2014

Basically the whole track will make you forget your problems faster than Spiritcycle made Kimmi forget she lived in a bunker for 15 years

Srsly, play this (or the original lets be honest) for any problem you have and you will instantaneously feel better about yourself

It's perfect of any situation!

When your love life sucks:

When you're facing low self-esteem:

When you feel the need to conform to societal norms:

When you have the social skills and work ethic of Nick Miller:

When you have to move from the couch on a Sunday:

And even when you find out your husband is the head of a crystal meth empire and the man you once loved is no longer even recognizable to you:
Okay so that situation is pretty specific, but listening to this track should still alleviate your worries nonetheless. If not, maybe doing some meth will calm you down (lol jk. does meth even do that?)

Cheat Codes - Adventure

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In a perfect world, Cheat Codes would open for Penguin Prison. Then I would be treated to 2 hours of solid bouncy music. Actually, in a true perfect world the show would also be equipped with trampolines. There would be four people to a trampoline, and you could choose to either jump like a crazy person or lay down and vibe (like a tranquil loser). But the more I imagined this fictional paradise where trampolining and Majestic Casual music met at a crossroads, the more I grew doubtful of its potential success (That was a long sentence, sorry if you fell asleep). For example, if you had people who were jumping too high in the front row, people in the back couldn't see. And for insurance purposes, there would probably need to be netting: well that creates a whole other bundle of problems. Who wants to see Penguin Prison and feel like they are in actual prison. Not even people who are in prison. Now I'm imagining Cheat Codes playing in a jail lol. Consider them the Johnny Cash of 2015. The song rocks by the way.

Mura Masa - Firefly (ft. Nao)

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My favorite song this month. WOWWW. I'm obsessed. Alunageorge wishes they made this. And I feel like Mura Masa knows that. In fact, he looks pretty pleased with himself in that pic. This self assurance seems to extend to his Twitter as well. Exhibit A: "I am Diplo's heir" Exhibit B: "I ghost wrote Catcher in the Rye"*** But when I found out he was 19, I forgave and forgot. 19!? What was I doing when I was 19, you may ask? (Actually probably no one wants to know but I'm going to tell you anyway . because this is my blog bitches) I was being drunk and stupid that's what. And Mura Masa is creating beautiful music! And probably also being drunk and stupid, as he should. We should probably talk about the song for a sec. "Firefly" is just the definition of summer. Laid back and sunny. Nao is killing it as well. Her stuff with Jai Paul is amazing, and the same vibes are running through this. Mura Masa, I hope you are on top of the (indie) world by the time you hit the big 2-0.

****Honestly I am trying to create a construct here. Mura Masa also tweets nice things about his grandmother and seems like a very down to earth lad. This post right here is a classic example of the press ruining an artist's reputation!!!! YES, WE ARE THE PRESS.

Zedd - I Want You To Know (ft. Selena Gomez) (Dunisco & SJUR ft. JeyJeySax Remix)

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They say it takes a village to raise a child***, and based on this song I would say it also takes a village to birth a remix.  There are so many people on this song, one of you almost didn't make the post title. IMAGINE. The averted tragedy. Much in the same way a village raises a better child (I literally have no idea if this is true), all the dads on this song are making Selena & Zedd the best they can b. That artwork needs to go though. That looks like it was pulled from the darkest depths of a teenage girl's Tumblr. Cover art aside, I have nothing but respect for this tune. After a questionable Ibiza status intro, Selena and Zedd greet us with their stripped back vocals. There is beautiful piano. Then there is sax! Harmony!! Pitched down man vocals! All of those things at once!! We go from zero to 60 in like 2 minutes flat. My favorite part is precisely from 3:10 to 3:25, when there is Pitch Perfect harmony happening. Does that exist in the original? I should probably go look. If not, I wanna know how you guys did that. You know, for when I start my solo career.

***I feel like this phrase has been out of commission since black and white Tv was our primary entertainment. WELL IM BRINGING IT BACK. 

Florence + the Machine - Ship To Wreck

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Well Florence, I officially forgive you for the weird rocker anthem you released in February. I was kind of pretending to like it but now that we have this tune I'm comfortable expressing my hatred. Ship to Wreck is amazinggg. Just a classic poppy gem. There's jangly production and it's not Beyonce enough that I can't scream along to it in the shower. Also these deep lyrics speak to Drunkest Girls at the Party everywhere. "Did I drink too much/ Am I losing touch/ Did I build this ship to wreck"... I ponder these questions daily. Actually, I read that this song is about her trashing her entire house, so we know this isn't some T Swift poser nonsense.**** Flo truly understands our struggle when we wake up on Sunday mornings to find not only that our bed is covered in popcorm and salsa, but that we have flushed the Apple TV remote down the toilet. (Side note this is kind of a true story -- although the Apple TV remote was actually never located. Maybe I'll find it in the freezer one day). Album drops June 1st. 6 DAYS BEFORE GOV BALL. I'm not excited at all.

****Taylor, I don't even believe you understood what being 22 was about!!!

Jax Jones - Yeah Yeah Yeah

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In that pic, Jax Jones looks like a stoned person who was just told to "work it bb" by a flamboyant photographer. That, or someone just asked him his opinion on Drake. Or MAYBE, he's reacting to T4L telling him what a dope song he has! "Who, Meee??" Yes, you Mr. Jones!! "Yeah Yeah Yeah," is not the first song to have made an impression on us. "I Got You" was one of our favs of last year. This one is no different. From the hyperactive violins to the 60s black lady vocals, everything about this screams summer rave. Ok, maybe none of those elements scream summer rave..but that is the true testament of the power of Jax Jones. HE MAKES THEM. I feel like next time he should challenge himself even more. Umm say sample some Gregorian chants and make a hit. I believe in your power Mr. Jones. Honestly, you're probably who the Counting Crows were singing about. Also that album artwork is A+.