Action Bronson - Actin Crazy (prod. by 40)

4/04/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Action Bronson I did not know you looked like that. I thought all white rappers sounded like Mac Miller and Macklemore. False. This is amazing. In "Actin Crazy" Mr Bronson sings about a variety of topics like a) how much he loves his mom 2) shitting himself 3)driving a White Ford 4) people thinking he's Puerto Rican. Really spitballing there. And I have a lot to say about those things. Mostly I don't believe anyone would think that man was from anywhere near the equator. I fear to think of that ginger in San Juan sans Banana Boat. Shudder. It's k Action I can't do that either. But I don't pretend I'm Mediterranean. Now that I've beat that to death, I want to say I really like a lot of the phrases in here. "All I do is eat oysters / And speak 6 languages in 3 voices" wins. Honorable mention is how he pronounces "thing" like ting. I like weird inflections like that. Also he drops his horoscope and I can respect a man who knows about Zodiac signs.