4/27/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

OH MY GOD. This girl has literally written an entire song about the difficulties of being a basic bitch. Alessia, idk if that was your intention***, but you are my queen regardless. Below are some commandments of being a BB that are articulated in the lyrics of "Here"

Exhibit A: "I'm sorry if I seem uninterested / I'm not listening"
Right on Alessia. No one wants to listen to an ugly bro talk about his new t-shirt company for 25 minutes. "Ohhh so you sell snapbacks too???" This is code for: I literally don't care at all.

Exhibit B: "I'll be here /Somewhere in the corner / under clouds of marijuana " 
When a party sucks (and when it doesn't) you can find me in the corner laughing at the Fat Jewish insta 70 weeks deep, smoking a bowl by myself. Because he is more interesting than any of u fucks. 

Exhibit C: "I don't wanna get with you" 
Unless you are Andy Roddick, I'm not having sex with you.

Exhibit D: "I was late"
Fucking duh.

Other non-betchy things about this song: It's catchy and Alessia has a great voice. She reminds me of Maiday. What more do you need? NOTHING. Baiiiii

***Pretty sure that is not your intention at all. Pretty sure the protagonist of this song hates basic bitches, but I am one so I choose to interpret the song this way. Not sry.