Cheat Codes - Adventure

4/19/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

In a perfect world, Cheat Codes would open for Penguin Prison. Then I would be treated to 2 hours of solid bouncy music. Actually, in a true perfect world the show would also be equipped with trampolines. There would be four people to a trampoline, and you could choose to either jump like a crazy person or lay down and vibe (like a tranquil loser). But the more I imagined this fictional paradise where trampolining and Majestic Casual music met at a crossroads, the more I grew doubtful of its potential success (That was a long sentence, sorry if you fell asleep). For example, if you had people who were jumping too high in the front row, people in the back couldn't see. And for insurance purposes, there would probably need to be netting: well that creates a whole other bundle of problems. Who wants to see Penguin Prison and feel like they are in actual prison. Not even people who are in prison. Now I'm imagining Cheat Codes playing in a jail lol. Consider them the Johnny Cash of 2015. The song rocks by the way.