*SUBMISSION* Elia Esparza- "Starlight" & "Heart Throb"

4/02/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Meet the next Ryn Weaver everyone! She's got the same killer falsetto and the same relatable lyrics PLUS we automatically love her more than Ms. Weaver b/c she lives right here on the best coast! (sry, Ryn, but I won't warm up to the west coast until sarcasm is wayyy more incorporated in daily life and comedy there. Blame my Massachusetts upbringing). Esparza's first track, "Starlight", starts out with this light and warm synth but the track erupts into a darker, fem-pop anthem when Esparza's husky vocals make their first appearance. Her second track, "Heart Throb" has got a little more UMPH to it (can't BELIEVE that is the first time I've used "umph" here on t4L. It's like my third favorite onomatopoeic word after "guffaw" and "flibbertigibbet" <--- bascially the Medieval way of saying BITCHES B CRAZY). The vocals have more attitude and even the production seems more gritty and edgy* (although you have a person who wears J. Crew everyday writing so basically anything is more gritty and edgy than that. Even dogs wearing fedoras). But I stand by my statements, nonetheless! I may not know grit by I do know sass and spunk and this girl's got 'em! (and rly, if you've got sass, spunk and fierce eyebrows, you can get v far in this industry!)

*kind of AWOLNATION-esque synth, no?

Side Note: I feel like this girl could do an AMAZING Celine Dion impression. She's classically trained and her vocals definitely reach that "I'm a diva", Queen-Celene level, especially in "Starlight". Whereas if I tried to imitate Ms. Dion, although I'd get the dramatic arm movements SPOT ON (been practicing those ever since Titanic, bitchesss), my voice would ruin the imitation. It would probably end up sounding halfway between Seal the singer and seal the animal.


Heart Throb: