Florence + the Machine - Ship To Wreck

4/16/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Well Florence, I officially forgive you for the weird rocker anthem you released in February. I was kind of pretending to like it but now that we have this tune I'm comfortable expressing my hatred. Ship to Wreck is amazinggg. Just a classic poppy gem. There's jangly production and it's not Beyonce enough that I can't scream along to it in the shower. Also these deep lyrics speak to Drunkest Girls at the Party everywhere. "Did I drink too much/ Am I losing touch/ Did I build this ship to wreck"... I ponder these questions daily. Actually, I read that this song is about her trashing her entire house, so we know this isn't some T Swift poser nonsense.**** Flo truly understands our struggle when we wake up on Sunday mornings to find not only that our bed is covered in popcorm and salsa, but that we have flushed the Apple TV remote down the toilet. (Side note this is kind of a true story -- although the Apple TV remote was actually never located. Maybe I'll find it in the freezer one day). Album drops June 1st. 6 DAYS BEFORE GOV BALL. I'm not excited at all.

****Taylor, I don't even believe you understood what being 22 was about!!!