FRANKIE- Problems, Problems (Thero Remix ft. Caye)

4/20/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Press play and scroll down for giphy goodness. 

Well, I bet you all saw this coming. We were so obsessed with the original "Problems, Problems"  that we didn't say one negative word about the track when we reviewed it in February (And you don't understand. I'm usually a harsher judge than Simon Cowell circa 2003). And if I possess a Simon-Cowell-level of harsh judgement for orginals, then I possess a Gordon-Ramsay-level of asshole judgement for remixes (The easiest way to communicate anything nowadays is through reality TV references #leDUH). So when I saw a remix of Problems, Problems quickly climbing the HypeM charts (meaning it probably wasn't in the 97.8% of remixes that ssssssuck), I was like

And then when my friend saw my excitement-ridden reaction and responded "I don't know a dude named FRANKIE" (even though I showed her FRANKIE 2 f**king months ago) I gave off some major 'tude

And my mood worsened when I pressed play and all that filled my earbuds was deep, incoherent male vocals

But around :36 Thero drops FRANKIE's sugary-pop vocals at the same time as some warm tropical synth and it's like

You still have that anxiety-filled minute you have in any remixed song. You know, before the chorus has hit when you worry that the DJ totally f**ked up the catchiest part of the song. But when the chorus of Thero's remix hits, everything you loved about the original is still intact and it's like

In fact, the editing of this entire remix is pretty spot on. I meannnn, the tropical house vibes are amazing. When the tropical house synth first made its appearance I was like

And the addition of the violins at the chorus had me like


And when the rap verse came I was uber surprised but at the same time happier than  Pharell circa 2014

Basically the whole track will make you forget your problems faster than Spiritcycle made Kimmi forget she lived in a bunker for 15 years

Srsly, play this (or the original lets be honest) for any problem you have and you will instantaneously feel better about yourself

It's perfect of any situation!

When your love life sucks:

When you're facing low self-esteem:

When you feel the need to conform to societal norms:

When you have the social skills and work ethic of Nick Miller:

When you have to move from the couch on a Sunday:

And even when you find out your husband is the head of a crystal meth empire and the man you once loved is no longer even recognizable to you:
Okay so that situation is pretty specific, but listening to this track should still alleviate your worries nonetheless. If not, maybe doing some meth will calm you down (lol jk. does meth even do that?)