HOLYCHILD- Money All Around

4/24/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

CAN JUNE 5th COME ALREADY PLZZZZ?? All I wanna do is sway over-dramatically to this song as I'm trapped on an island with no cell service and $17 hot dogs. AKA attend Gov Ball 2K15. But, alas, until I visit a Bed, Bath and Beyond that has the remote from "Click" in stock, I'm gonna have to be as patient as LiLo's personal assistant (if you haven't watch her Oprah documentary, you're missing out. It's like watching Mad Men, except instead of seeing the depressing, 8-season-long deterioration of an ad exec you watch the entertaining, 8-episode-long deterioration of a spoiled celeb with terrible roots-- I'm referring both to the streaky roots of her dye-job as well as her ancestorial roots, aka Dina Lohan, aka the woman who makes betches like Kris Jenner and Norma Bates seem like they are the best mothers ever).

Back to the point of this article: HOLYCHILD. No, t4L was not "born again" over the weekend. No, we are not referring to Jesus (although if I learned anything from "Step Brothers" it's that the King of the Jews had a set of pipes on him and we do review music...) No, we are talking about the L.A. duo of Liz Nistico and Louie Diller, who are taking the spring music scene by storm with their infectious brand of brat-pop perfection. Putting aside my personal feelings for caps-lock band names, I can find nothing wrong with this track (or these musical humans). HOLYCHILD seem to love fun things, hate consumerism and embrace musical experimentation. So basically u rock don't change, HOLYCHILD. In a world where so many artists are a Monica (see below), these hipsters embrace the quirky and weird, and for that, we thank you (sry to steal your sign-off Daniel Tosh, and for that, we thank you as well)