HONNE - Didn't I

4/08/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

No lie, my fav HONNE song to date. This is everything! #2 on my 2015 stoned pool party playlist. It comes after Ignition. Just kidding. Obviously all R Kelly is on the "wake-up to find you fucked Flava Flav" party playlist. #1 is , and always will be... Cheap Sunglasses. Duh. But the point is, this is a pretty amazing tune. Very Toro Y Moi. I love the echo-y "didn't IIIIIIII" backing vocals. I can practically feel the sunshine on me. Also it sounds a lot different from the other stuff they have been putting out. It's got a stronger hook, and it's less sexy. Don't get me wrong boys, I love the sultry music. Probably too much. "Didn't I" is something I can listen to around other people. "Warm on a Cold Night" is just for me and Mark Ruffalo ;) **** Go buy their Coastal Love EP in May people!

***I'm not sure how in one post I ended up having fictional sex with both Flava Flav and Mark Ruffalo. Honne you are truly too much for me to handle