Jax Jones - Yeah Yeah Yeah

4/15/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

In that pic, Jax Jones looks like a stoned person who was just told to "work it bb" by a flamboyant photographer. That, or someone just asked him his opinion on Drake. Or MAYBE, he's reacting to T4L telling him what a dope song he has! "Who, Meee??" Yes, you Mr. Jones!! "Yeah Yeah Yeah," is not the first song to have made an impression on us. "I Got You" was one of our favs of last year. This one is no different. From the hyperactive violins to the 60s black lady vocals, everything about this screams summer rave. Ok, maybe none of those elements scream summer rave..but that is the true testament of the power of Jax Jones. HE MAKES THEM. I feel like next time he should challenge himself even more. Umm say sample some Gregorian chants and make a hit. I believe in your power Mr. Jones. Honestly, you're probably who the Counting Crows were singing about. Also that album artwork is A+.