Kygo & Dillon Francis- Coming Over (ft. James Hersey)

4/13/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

MOVEEEEE OVERRRR, Branchez. People just got a new song to be ASTRONOMICALLY fucked up to (not like ur average 12am-at-a-bar fucked up, I'm talking about 7pm-on-a-beach-coming-down-from-a-darty fucked up while you babysit that friend who decided to do shrooms for the first time... the Domincan Republic. SMH. We all have a friend who would do that and we've all been in a variation of that situation. And srsly, if your go-to song for that scenario didn't used to be Branchez' remix of What So Not's "High You Are" then you really missed out and I feel so so sorry for you (kind of like how I feel for the younger generation and the fact that they missed out on that heroine-like adrenaline of something cool when a new Harry Potter book was released!). But this trio of gentlemen just created the new jam for when you want your music to sound as fucked up as you feel.  And for when it's sunny! Literally this song is perfect to play if you are in either of those situations. Hersey's vocals glides over the tropical production as smoothly as butter on hot toast (which only further supports the claim I made in a previous article about the correlation between pop music and British breakfast foods*) Also isn't it sad that this song actually tricks me into thinking everything is a tropical paradise? Like I immediately imagined this was recorded on a serene, white-sand beach with like coconuts as the drums and mermaid hair as the guitar strings and Squirt from Finding Nemo accompanying them on a bunch of conch shells. Not like recorded in a studio where literally it's the building's JOB to block out nature and sunshine. So JWD, Mr. Francis, Mr. Hersey and Mr. go. You fooled me (or I'm just DESPERATE for a summer at the beach. One of the two)

*If you're curious enough to read this addendum then you're interested enough to click the link. Don't be lazy.