Liza Anne - Take It Back

4/10/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I am shocked this girl isn't British, because the ghosts of both Daughter and Lucy Rose are here. Ok technically these people are still with us, but Liza Anne is stealin those vibes that's for sure. And the ultimate shocker: she's from Nashville. T Swift AND Liza Anne, Nashville!? love you forever. (Even tho when I went there during my road trip across America you were raining like a bunch of assholes. And turns out that's not where Graceland is. ugh) Anyways, since I heard this yesterday, I have listened to it possibly 37 times. It's really laid back but also emotional and catchy. Like I said, reminds me of Daughter. And "Youth" was probably my fav song of 2012. So a clear winner right here. Lastly, high fives for the non-acoustic guitar. I feel like we don't have enough regular guitar in indie girl music.