Mirror Talk - 1/M/T

4/14/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Yes. Of course Mirror Talk looks like that. My guesses as to where this band was from were ordered: Sweden, Long Island, 2 way tie between Vegas & LA. Well ding ding, La La land is Mirror Talk's homeland. Although I am inclined to believe their real home is a time machine, as this is straight 80s. (good segue way amIrite) I can practically see the mullets and fog machine that would accompany this music video. Although there is something very Night @ the Roxbury about this as well.... Mirror Talk borrowing from multiple decades! I can't fault them. Obviously I'm posting this for a reason. And that reason is it's excellent melancholy house music. Anything that has full blown synthesizers and can still make me sad is pulling off a major feat. My only complaint, did we really need to abbreviate "One More Time" to 1/M/T guys?!? The indie band names are bad enough, now we have to deconstruct song titles? I swear to God every song on Katy Perry's next album is going to consist solely of emogi titles. 2-0-1-5, what a time.