MS MR - Painted

4/08/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Praise the lorddddddd, MS MR has returned. Missed you so much wow. This is the new single, and honestly it's bringing me life on this bleak Tuesday. (The New Girl episode was kind of subpar tonight if you must kno. BRING BACK CEECEE & SCHMIDT) Lyrically, there is a lot I'm pondering. MS wails, "What did you think would happen / When you put me in unnatural space" repeatedly over a crazy beat. Ambiguity! Intrigue!  ... also I''m actually wondering what happened. Can anyone clarify? Kind of seems like she shot someone. Maybe I've been watching too much of the Jinx. Other things I want to say: "Painted" is winning my respect not only because it's a great pop offering, but because it shows some growth from these guys. Different vibe than we got on "Hurricane" and "Think of You." More frenzied. It's almost like it's on a different record!! Gold star people. Also that house piano making me want to take 75 tequila shots. Lastly, MS MR I want to announce to the world that you are my fav, because we met you at Gov Ball a couple of years ago and you were stoned and eating Mac n cheese like a cool regular person. Never change.