Mura Masa - Firefly (ft. Nao)

4/18/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

My favorite song this month. WOWWW. I'm obsessed. Alunageorge wishes they made this. And I feel like Mura Masa knows that. In fact, he looks pretty pleased with himself in that pic. This self assurance seems to extend to his Twitter as well. Exhibit A: "I am Diplo's heir" Exhibit B: "I ghost wrote Catcher in the Rye"*** But when I found out he was 19, I forgave and forgot. 19!? What was I doing when I was 19, you may ask? (Actually probably no one wants to know but I'm going to tell you anyway . because this is my blog bitches) I was being drunk and stupid that's what. And Mura Masa is creating beautiful music! And probably also being drunk and stupid, as he should. We should probably talk about the song for a sec. "Firefly" is just the definition of summer. Laid back and sunny. Nao is killing it as well. Her stuff with Jai Paul is amazing, and the same vibes are running through this. Mura Masa, I hope you are on top of the (indie) world by the time you hit the big 2-0.

****Honestly I am trying to create a construct here. Mura Masa also tweets nice things about his grandmother and seems like a very down to earth lad. This post right here is a classic example of the press ruining an artist's reputation!!!! YES, WE ARE THE PRESS.