Phantogram - K.Y.S.A

4/28/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I think Phantogram is my favorite band that I've never seen in concert. Not for lack of trying ugh. They played at my school and I wasn't there that weekend. (Good job Grandpa, u turned 80, WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT***) I even had a ticket to their show in NYC last summer! But then I happened to be in South Dakota that day. And sorry Phantogram, but I couldn't abandon my trek to Mount Rushmore for Mouthful of Diamonds. Not even for Futuristic Casket. But hopefully the release of this new song means you will be on the road again soon, because I WILL see u guys before I die. Speaking of dying, I thought this song was short for "Kill Yourself Alive" Turns out those are not the words... and it's really "Keep Yourself Alive" So the opposite. And I know that "Kill Yourself Alive" is dumb, but when I thought those were the words, I really liked them. #oxymoronsrule . But whatever. Are there really "correct" lyrics when Phantogram is involved? No ones knows what they are singing anyway. I dig this song for the distorted viBeZ, not the words. Love you guys.

***nah I'm only playin I luv my grandpa. His 80th bday was magical.