*RELEASE* Radio On- You're Always Right

4/25/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

This band rocks. Like I'm in awe of the cool hipster vibes oozing from their track and their general internet presence (The guy on the far right in all black looks more trendy than I ever will even though I basically own that same exact outfit! I use to hazed freshmen in it lol). I love so many things about these boys, this band and "You're Always Right" that I decide to just write a list (slash I'm also just a lazy fuq who doesn't want to deal with proper sentence structure at the mo')

t4L's Reasons Why We LOVE Radio On and "You're Always Right"

  1. They are British

  2. END OF LIST. (jk, but it really could be. UK rules, US drools)

  3. They're originally from Scotland (git a pint for me at the Golden Monkey in Edinburgh next time you're home! My go-to hangout when I studied abroad there-- Along with Frisky Fro-yo #leDUH)

  4. And now they live in London, my FAVORITE place that I've ever lived in! (can I hAz ur life, plz??)

  5. Radio On is named after a revolutionary British film from the 70's (I wish my parents were cool and British enough to name me after a 1979 British film. Although "Monty Python's Life of Brian" would be a bitch to fill out on forms.)

  6. They wrote a single named after the three best words in the English language: YOU'RE ALWAYS RIGHT. Everyone LOVES to hear that they are right, let alone always right, amiright?? <---- see??? even that epithet was just a desperate plea for reassurance.

  7. The band was made complete when member Adam Hartley met James Johnston while Mr. Hartley was studying for a Theology degree in London (Underwhelmed by this one? Well, you uneducated prick, you know who also was studying for a Theology degree in London once upon a time? John Carroll, the first ever archbishop in the United States motherfucker. So I'd say London theologists have the potential to have some pretty legit careers. Ultimately, though, I kind of thought that name dropping Mr. Carroll would have a bigger effect than it did...  maybe if the audience of this blog was exclusively 9th grade history teachers then I would have gotten the expected reaction. Basically the reason I found this cool is because I'm a Classics major and us Theologists/Classicists/Elevator Operators/ppl with out-dated majors and specialties need to stick 2gether!) 

  8.  The band is all about rewiring the familiar into new context, citing Blood Orange and Robyn, two of my favorite artists, as examples. Basically they take your favorite aspects from every era of music and put them in the right combinations. Like an aural time machine.

  9.  "You're Always Right" has all the elements of a fantastic, indie-pop ditty:
    •  A bouncy and candid electric guitar that is quintessentially British-sounding 

    • Some vintage, 80s-dream-sequence synth

    • This really infectious and pulsing bass at the chorus

    • A sound reminiscent of the love child of fun. and Men Without Hats (pop goes the world was and always will be my guilty pleasure and I'm not afraid to admit it!)

    • and

    • A sense of hope, adventure and ambitio--LOLLLLLL! JK, can you imagine if I actually sounded that much like a self-righteous music-snob whenever I wrote?? Like basically if I thought I was wayyyy more in touch with my emotions than anyone else on this planet, including the people who wrote the song I was getting so emotional over? God people like that . Even more than I hate people who change their profile picture way too often.

"You're Always Right" is officially dropping May 4th through Making Visible. Also, I hate using the word "dropping" to describe someone's newest single. A new single is basically like an artist's baby and if growing up with parents like MJ and Britney in the celeb spotlight taught me anything it's that YOU NEVER DROP A BABY. Especially if there are paparazzi around and you are standing on a balcony. So, instead of saying Radio On is "dropping" their single May 4th, perhaps maybe I should phrase it as "Radio On is giving their single a warm hug and tucking it snuggly into its crib on May 4th". No matter how I phrase it, just don't forget May 4th PPL! So easy to remember! I mean, it's already a date all Star Wars fans have engrained into their calendars (May the 4th be with you all, loons! t4L, out!)