Redondo & Boiler - Every Single Piece (ft. She Keeps Bees)

4/29/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Well people, we have arrived at the final track of the month. I was choosing between a ridiculous treadmill anthem and and an emo electronic guy when I remembered we would like to gain readers, not lose the 2 we have. Instead, we will close out with some vibey house music. No lie I've been meaning to blog this song for 2 months. That's basically a lifetime in indie music. Fact: hipster careers can be born and dead within 1 year. I would reference a bunch of formerly hyped bands here BUT YOUV'E ALREADY FORGOTTEN THEM. I hope that Redondo& Boiler stick around though, because I'm digging this. Aside from the fact their name sounds like a Ringling Brothers competitor, I have not a single objection to this song. Actually maybe we could lose the sister-wife album artwork. I'm not sure that photo screams "I am trendy new music! Buy me!!" but what do I know. My hope for this song is that it becomes this year's "Waves" by Mr. Probz. It has a similar sleuthy quality to its catchiness. Like, you didn't think "Waves" could end up on the radio, but against all odds it blared in every cab and Forever 21 for 3 months. That could be you guys. #goals