Ryn Weaver- The Fool

4/10/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

UGH, RYNNNNNNN! How did you get to be so amazing and talented and flawless?? Were you digitally created by a 14 year old to be a perfect pop singer ala the 2004 DCOM movie "Pixel Perfect"? Or is this level of superiority just like normal when you're born in SoCal? IDK, but thank you for existing Ryn Weaver. And thanks for not going and trying to have a legit career. My ears benefit greatly. Like, vocally, homegirl is superior to 99% of the popular talent out there RN. Ryn Weaver sounds like Ellie Goulding if Ellie didn't sound like she was a paper doll being blown around by a faint breeze (#weirdbuttrue and srsly Ellie, learn to use ur diaphragm already). But under Weaver's incredible and unique vocals are the equally brilliant and quirky production choices of the famous Benny Blanco and none other than most flakey man in the world, Michael Angeltakos. I am seriously considering putting aside all my disdain for the Passion Pit frontman (and his numerous performance shortenings and cancellations) because the production of every single off of Weaver's upcoming album, The Fool, has LITCRULLY blown me away. And you don't understand, I'm not hipster or artsy enough to usually notice things like that in songs guys*! I've only heard 5 songs off the album and already I feel that the two men who produced it should win an award. If only there was an award dedicated to the amazing, high quality music out there.................Too bad we only have the Grammys. Womp Womp.

*Lol that I have a music blog.

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