4/07/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

The blogesphere is abuzz** that this person is Zayn Malik. I wish this was true. Kind of doubt it. Pretty sure he's in a Thai brothel muttering Harry Styles insults to no one. That promo photo is excellently mysterious though. Someone knows about PR in the SIVIK camp. Even without the Zayn Malik associations, I dig this song. "High" is edgier boy-pop-star music. Bieber's not smart enough to do this song, but it could be a distant cousin of As Long As You Love Me. Basically, I love it, and I hope it shows up on the radio in 8+ months. I hope this doesn't offend SIVIK. It is meant as the highest compliment. Also I have it on good authority this song would be excellent to sing in a round. But T4L, you may be saying, how the F do you know what is good to sing in a round? Well, bitches, I accidentally played it on Youtube and Hype Machine simultaneously, and it sounded fucking amazing. Row Row Your Boat does not have a monopoly on that shit. SIVIK I hope to hear more from you, in a round or not.

***this is a lie I read this on one shitty blog. A shitty blog that's ON HYPE MACHINE. #fuckers