Skrillex & Diplo - To U (ft. AlunaGeorge)

4/04/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Wow I've missed them so much. AlunaG of course. Could give less fucks about Diplo n Skrilly if I'm being honest. Normally. But the powerhouse trio that's happening here is hard to deny. I think AlunaGeorge always sounds best on this kind of jacked up electronic sound. Exhibit A: White Noise w/ Disclosure. Or "Afterlight" with Rustie. There's just so much more energy in her voice. Their own material has been occasionally soft. LOVE Attracting Flies though. And Your Drums, Your Love. On "To U" Aluna is backed by the aggresive bass drops of Skrillex and the car alarm/laser tag sounds of Diplo. Not sure if George was put on the back burner for this one. Maybe they let him do maracas? Regardless, top notch collab. I can only imagine how many ravers would have seized if this were played at Ultra. I guess we will never know. AlunaGeorge please release more music I wait (not) patiently.