t4L in a Nutshell: April 2015

4/30/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

('cause we can't blog every amazzzzzing song that crosses our path. 
We do have lives TV shows to catch up on, yah know) 


My initial reaction: IDK who this girl is, but I already can tell by her voice she's too cool to hang with t4L

Jon Bellion- All Time Low

My initial reaction: There's someone out there who gets me. And by "gets me" I mean also thinks the real world sucks. like a lot.  

Kanye West- All Falls Down (Instrum Remix) 

My initial reaction: This song just makes me remember how ridiculous of a person Kanye West is and always has been 
Reminder: This man has a child. He is responsible for a functioning, moving human being... Even though he once complained that watching a water bottle was too much responsibility.

Kill Paris- Operate (ft. Royal)

My initial reaction: Literally all I can think about is "I wonder if this songwriter just harnesses a deep, immense disdain for the Hilton hotels heiress." (PLZ let me know if this is the case, Kill Paris, I'd love to know where this hatred originates)
But, likeeeee, idk how you could hate such an intelligent, modest person like Ms. Hilton, yah know?

Mura Masa- Lovesick Fuck

My initial reaction: Some people may hate this experimental, electronic stuff, but luh dem horns and, ultimately, I DGAF about what those haters have to say anyway (go back to reading Pitchfork or whatever sell-out music blog you came from)

Goldroom- Mykonos (Fleet Foxes Cover)

My initial reaction: do I hear a new Goldroom coming on my shuffle?!? I LOVE Goldroom!!


My initial reaction: this song just transported me back to my mid-2000s emo phase (and by emo I mean listening to the O.C. Soundtrack on repeat #leDUH)
Couldn't you totally see these boys performing at the Bait Shop circa 2004, though??

t4L, out!