The Night VI - Turn Your Light On Me

4/04/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

The Night VI (which sounds like a bad Marvel creation) has been on my radar mostly for last year's Sienna. Great tune. It's like a hipster retelling of Jolene*** This new offering is of a similar man-focused genre. And tbh, I'm a little concerned about the safety of this singer's muse. Take for example, "Stay safe / And hold on to your heart / Turn your light on me / In time you'll see the one you want to be with / Don't play with the feeling you just gave to me" That's some scary shit right there. It's like Gloria from Wedding Crashers started a band. Never leave meeeee, or I'll find you. AHAH. (Am I not allowed to laugh at myself? Sorry). Another take I have: it's directed at a record label. Turn the spotlight on the Night VI bitches! You may not think we can sell records, but we can dammit. Last thing I have to say: this song reminds me a lot of September Girls by the Bangles. I'm not totally sure why but I think it's the Oooo-oooohs at the end of the chorus. Anyway guys I mean that as a great compliment I fucking love the Bangles.

***Which makes me ultimately reflect: WHO is the hipster Dolly Parton? Liza Minelli? Someone plz sound off here.