The Wombats - Emoticons

4/07/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I have been meaning to blog this song for awhile but I was distracted by dancier music. For me, Chainsmokers are like the squishy that Dory chases. They lure my attention away from quality tunes like this one. While my ADD is at a lull, let's examine "Emoticons" by the Wombats. Turns out these people have been around since I was 11. ELEVEN!! *** I would venture to say based off this title their material has evolved. And I'm glad it has, because I can't imagine I would like Liverpool punk music more than this. "Emoticons" discusses a crazy girl who obviously has a fondness for the #blessed and dancing senorita emogis. I actually cannot stop picturing Shoshanna from Girls. This song WOULD be about her. Exhibit A: "You need to find a different boy's heart to chew / And all these emoticons and words / Try to make it better but they only make it worse" Ahh Shosh, when will u learn?! Also the Wombat's new album is called "Glitterbug." Could anything be better?

**Almost Famous reference la la laaaaaa.  It's all happening