Verre- Taste the Sky

4/09/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Did Verre just come from the lamest Day Glow ever to happen when taking this picture? They all look depressed AF, as if they totally expected to spend the prior hours thrashing around to indecipherable EDM music while ruining their white ensembles as paint rains from the heavens. I mean, they are even in a laundromat, as if they expected that they would have dirtied clothes to wash! I am convinced this is the scenario, but then again, I also am convinced that flight MH 370 is like hidden under Putin's house so my imagination tends to run a teeny bit wild.

The snip-its of 80s rock and guitar in there are a much needed break from all the synthesizer and house piano always clogging the HypeM charts. Sure, the song still has synth, but a kind of warm, ambient synth. And it's layered over that  old-school electric guitar solo is a nice juxtaposition that categorizes this song somewhere between dark-swirly-pop and uplifting-alternative. Play this during chill-hangs with Mary Jane or while joyriding along a coast of any kind. If we're gonna be black or white about it, I'd categorize this track as a jam, not a banger. Like it's catchy, but not "whip-my-back-and-forth", dance-party catchy. Also, when did popular music terms start overlapping so much with the names of classic British foods (jam... on toast. banger....s and mash)? Like when did those completely two disparate worlds crossover? I blame the British and their mastery of both trendy music and delicious breakfast options.

Back to the point of this article, "Taste the Sky"! (why is it that I seem to always derail myself for dayyyys whenever I start talking about the UK or 90's nickelodeon cartoons? The struggle of a millennial with acute ADHD (aka any millennial). My one issue with the song is that I can not for the LIFE of me pin point exactly who this Alice Day sounds like. She kind of sounds like the MS half of MSMR but there are other times she sounds more similar to like Lissie or Phoebe Ryan. Oh, and she sounds like Sia too! Which is weird because none of the people I just mentioned really sound like each other. Homegirl is like a vocal metamorphmagus*.

*you're welcome for that obscure Harry Potter reference.