What So Not - Gemini (ft. George Maple)

4/06/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I want to point out that this song is classified under "Dance" in Itunes. And guys, I'm not trying to get picky about labels, but this song makes me want to dance... zero percent. Maybe if it was remixed to high heaven by Tiesto. Maybe if I was on drugs. MAYBE. But if I was on drugs I would also maybe (probably) have sex with Bieber, so let's not consider that a victory. Ultimately though, I DGAF! Sure, this isn't "High You Are", but "Gemini" functions great as a chill hang tune***. The electric drums are so vibey it feels like my heartbeat. There's nice piano at the end. I dig the George Maple presence. Also I need to apologize to her. I thought her "Talk Talk" song was Jessie Ware. They sound pretty much identical. But you are your own person George Maple!! And I solute your breathy 80s soul vocals. I will be monitoring both your careers. Don't let me down people.

****Is "chill hang" a lame phrase? OF COURSE T4L, you are probably yelling at your screen. Well everyone, plz know that I once invited a boy over to my house for a "chill hang" in the non-sober hours of the night. Don't ask me how that worked out.