A$AP Rocky - Everyday (Prod. Mark Ronson)

5/10/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I can't believe we have arrived at the day where I discuss Rod Stewart on this blog. Did not foresee this happening. I am mostly delighted because now I can talk about the time I saw him on the streets of London. He was wearing a skinny scarf and a spray tan. His arm candy was either a daughter or wife. Essentially he was a fully realized version of my expectation for aging rockstar. Rod Stewart, thnx for never letting me down. Except for the fact you are slated to be in a reality show next fall....yikes. The day I see Eric Clapton on E! will be the true day the music dies. Ok getting back on track; ultimately we are here to discuss the hottest rapper of my heart, Mr. ASAP Rocky. Over the sampled vocals of Miguel and the aforementioned Rod Stewart, ASAP raps about...well actually I couldn't tell you. The delivery is a steady stream of word vomit. Which sounds deceptively gross. It's not, I love it. Sometimes I don't need to know the words. And from the lyrics I can make out, ("I look so good most dykes will fuck me buddy / Yeah I'm a piece of shit / I know I plead the fifth/ tell her holla if ya need some dick") I think it's better not knowing. ASAP, you didn't tell me you were a part of Emma Watson's HE4SHE campaign! Really serving the cause here. Even still, I can't deny the appeal of this song. Also Mark Ronson, aka the would be V.P. to Sia's president, is on here, so plus one million points.