Bears Den - Agape

5/18/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Holy Mumford & Sons batman!! Okay that's not totally fair. This sound is a bit more pop oriented. But if you are described as folk and hail from the UK... there are only so many words I can type before I mention Marcus & (the brothers who are jealous of him).**** But I am actually getting a more frosty pop vibe. David Gray-ish? I was going to say James Blunt but that is cruel and unusual punishment. Lyrically, however there are similarities between M&S and Bears Den. Mainly everyone and their mother here seems to be hung up on some bitacchh. Exhibit A: "I'm so scared of losing you / I don't know what I can do about it / How long before you go / and leave me here all alone/ I don't wanna know who I am without you" Guysssss, you do not sound like strong independent men here. I know the world is all about Girl Power, but I am about equality (#he4she), and would like to see some Boy Power here. You can survive without Carey Mulligan! Ugh my bad. I mean, you can survive without whoever you guys date. Also the harmonies are beautiful. See, I can be nice.

Afterthoughts: I can only pronounce AGAPE in my head the way Dory pronounces ESCAPE in Finding Nemo. This is...wrong? Is it sad that I'm not fully convinced I'm wrong?

***just did some googling to double check that Mumford and sons are brothers. THEY AREN'T. Life is a lie.