Bebe Rexha - I'm Gonna Show You Crazy

5/15/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

An anthem that describes the essence of T4L. Many songs have come close, but there is no beating the lyrics "So what if I'm fucking crazy" Just, our entire motto. I feel like the world looking upon Derek Zoolander as he unveils Magnum. "THAT'S IT!!" I love that the beginning of the song is pretty calm. It's like a new girlfriend you haven't fought with yet. You love that she's chill, and loves the Walking Dead, and eats pizza with your friends and drinks a lot of beer. Then the chorus drops, and SURPRISE THAT GIRL IS FAKE. I know this because that girl is me. I'm a lot of fun. Aren't we all!?! Also, I need to comment on BB Rexha's commitment to matching her smeared eye makeup to her tanktop.  Just at the top of her hot mess game. Methinks Kesha's about to be dethroned. (Not that she really sits on the throne of anything anymore, but where she once sat could be occupied by BB) Also homegirl's voice is on pointtttt.