Cheers Elephant - Airliner

5/26/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Cheers Elephant, what an amazing band name. 2nd best only to Gold Spectacles. Maybe I will name first two children that. (I guess I will have to become famous for that to be acceptable, but there is plenty of time for me to ascend to Z list stardom and ultimately appear on Dancing With the Stars. I'm about the long game). The last time I heard from these people was their song "Leaves"almost 3 YEARS AGO. Guys, where u been!? 2012 feels like an eternity ago. I didn't even know what Excel was then. Now, I dream about it. Life has killed the dream I dreamed, amirite? It's k tho, because Cheers Elephant is back to remind me that at least music is still good in 2015. "Airliner" starts off being kind of Strokes-y. I think it's the guitars. Also the vocals are kind of similar sounding. But then the chorus hits and this song is pure poppy goodness. Makes me wanna sing La lA laaaaaaaaa (because I don't know the words, not because I have special needs). Last word, my fav lyrics are: "I'm just running through a maze of bread lines" It's silly and cool. Or is it "red lines".... ? This could be awkward.