Elohim - She Talks Too Much

5/25/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Many people writing about this girl have pointed out that Elohim means god in Hebrew. That's pretty balls to the wall for a stage name. It's one thing to name yourself like, Lady Crazy or Rainstorm, but GOD?! Kanye's fondness for calling himself Yeezus immediately comes to mind here, and we allllll know how people feel about that. But I will say Elohim is bringing it. "She Talks Too Much" is a perfect slice of floaty electronic pop. Yes, pretty much everyone we blog churns that shit out. What makes this one different, T4L!, you are probably saying. Well, Elohim is supplying some A+ snark here. Exhibit A: "It's like she's taking over / She talks too much / It's like the sound of crazy / And it's much too loud / She talks too much" I cannot stop picturing Cecily Strong from the "Girl You Wish You Never Started a Conversation With At A Party" SETH, DO U KNOW ABOUT POVERTY?! IT'S LIKE REALLY BAD. Also I'm picturing myself after 8 tequila shots. Or just sober. I'm really fun. "It's like the sound of crazy" might be my favorite lyric this year. Also Elohim, idk what's going on with your eyebrows, but somewhere Cara Delevingne is crying with jealously.