Eryn Allen Kane- Have Mercy

5/07/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Meet the American Ella Eyre everyone! She's hails from the mid-west and, like my homegirl Ella, has a promising future not only as music's next soulful, pop-diva but also as a Garnier Fructis hair model.  Dem curls, like that voice, are Jess-Glynne fierce, girllll (sry, I will stop talking like I'm Tyra Banks in an episode of ANTM starting RN, I promise).

I really haven't been this into girl-harmonies since Disney decided to add a Greek-style chorus to their 1997 adaptation of Hercules. ("What about Pitch Perfect?", you say in a whiny little bitch voice to your computer screen as you read this post*. Eh, that movie was alright, but, ultimately, I leave the Pitch-Perfect-obsessions to the 16-yr old girls and 25-yr old frat bros of the world). Also props to Ms. Kane's editing skills. In a world where most DJs just don't know when to stop with their edits, layering whole string quartets, soulful sax solos and tropical-house synth all over an old Green Day song that should never have resurfaced to begin with, "Have Mercy" is a breath-of-fresh air. The only non-vocal accompaniment that occurs during the entire 4:40 track is snaps. It's fucking awesome. Elle Woods would approve (snaps for the presences of snaps!! -- sry, but I'm not gonna see an opportunity for wordplay and not have "pun" fun with it.)

The one thing that vexes me about this song is the title. Is Ms. Kane just SO thrilled about the Full House spin-off on Netflix that she wanted to name her first official single after Uncle Jesse's iconic catchphrase? Will her next single be named "Cut It Out" or "You Got It, Dude"?? Actually, on second thought, that would truly amazing if an artist named every song of their EP after a different 90's television catch phrase. +10 points to Gryffindor to the first musician to do this. Here a suggested track list:

Side A
  1. "How you doin'"
  2. "Newman!"
  3. "Did I Do That?"
  4. "Dear Ashley, Thaaaaaaaaat's Me!" (#RIP Amanda Bynes' sanity. Ur deeply missed)

Side B (idk why I sorted it by Side A and Side B like I was making a fucking mixed tape. Just really taking this 90's theme all the way I guess)
  1. "Is That Your Final Answer"
  2. "D'oh"
  3. "Who Loves Orange Soda? Kel Loves Orange Soda (I DO, I DO, I DOOOO)

* #tbt to the most entertaining e-mail of all time 

Here's what shows those are from in case you suck and couldn't get them all:

SIDE A: 1. Friends; 2. Seinfeld; 3. Family Matters, 4. All-That
SIDE B: 1. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire; 2. The Simpsons; 3. Kennan & Kel; 4. Boy Meets World