flor - Unsaid

5/20/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

The St. Lucia vibes are strong with these newbies. (The vocals of flor are a little bit creepier, but in a good way.) And honestly, I need some of those in my life because I was pretty let down by actual St. Lucia. They were...disappointing. And I'm being kind, people. Flor, I hope you are AMAZING live, because that's all I need to crown you my new favorite "tropical synth pop band" (a high honor!!) "Unsaid" is so good. I love those synth noises more than a baby's laughter. Also this track is like the perfect pensive driving song. I imagine that if I were to be driving through Wyoming at sunset, I would like this to be playing. Or Bob Seger. It's a tossup. I would observe the rocky terrain and jam out as I decided what to do with my life. I guess I've planned by quarter life crisis out more than I thought. Flor, aren't you glad to be a part of it?! My last comments are on that album artwork (I literally always have something to say about album artwork. Sry). I assume that image is supposed to be a flower of some kind, but all I can think is: that is what a fan would look like to a person on LSD. T4L out.