Hermitude - The Buzz (ft. Mataya & Young Tapz)

5/20/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Look at that sassy duo! I feel like Hermitude is acting out a comedy bit in that pic. The Elvis and Costello of Australian trap music. (Flume is obviously Charlie Chaplin). Moving on to less retarded commentary: I had never heard of Hermitude, but they have their own Wiki page so clearly I am out of the loop. On "The Buzz" they have partnered with Mataya (a Weeknd sonic doppelganger) and Young Tapz (a run of the mill rapper) to give us some excellent pregame music. I couldn't drop down lo to this, but I could definitely concoct my mixed drink and try on 7 different outfits to it. And those activities practically require their own genre of music. So good job boys. It's hard to get on that playlist. Easiest one: "10AM at the workplace". I'm basically unconscious at that point, so I could be listening to Nickelback or the Beatles and would not know the difference. You do NOT wanna be on that playlist. Keep up the good work -- one day you could be on my "smoke a bowl and order cookies" playlist. Mecca.