Hopium- Right Now

5/13/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

This song can really only be described as the love-child of JEREMIH's "Don't Tell 'Em" and Clean Bandit's "Rather Be". It has the same stylish and contemporary R&B style as the JEREMIH slow-jam but the atmospheric, saccadic strings of the 2014 Clean Bandit classic.  I love everything about this slow-burner of an electronic ditty except the accompaniment, which simultaneously captivates and baffles me. The deep, almost-engine-revving noises in the middle get so low and distorted that I wonder if they are male vocals or just some rul grizzly n gritty synthwork. And the high-pitched , Orca-eqsue noises near the end are just as confusing! Those Titantic-sounding, angelic warblings get so high and auto-tuned I can't tell if that sound is produced by a female or by a string instrument. It could literally be the bewailings of a pre-pubescent boy for all I know. All these questions basically fade from my mind while listening to the track, however, as that Kanye-inspired 808-backbeat is as infectious as ever. Also, the music video it definitely worth a watch, and we literally NVR say that. The immature-2-year old in me likes the video because it has really pretty colors, but the 22-year-old-music-blogger in me.... also likes it because of the pretty colors actually. Sure it's probably the most visually-trippy and confusing video since Joe Goddard's "Gabriel", but most people could benefit from introducing more innovative idiosyncrasies like this vid into their lives.