Izzy Bizu - Adam & Eve

5/24/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Look at that QT! The name is also adorable. I just wanna say it over and over again. IZ-e Bih-ZU. Izzy hails from London, and once again, I CALLED IT. (Sorry I'm going to stop doing this, I know literally no one cares. It's like when people say "I knew about this song 3 years ago you guys, god!" Also guilty. I'm working on being a less annoying person. 1 Day at a time amirite.) Her sound is sooo reminiscent of a once titan of British music. No, not Adele. Duffy. Remember her? Well if you don't, she fucking ruled the world for 6 seconds. Exhibit A: "Mercy" appeared on romantic comedy trailers everywhere in 2008. I'm getting similar vibes from "Adam & Eve." Maybe it's the slightly 60s production, or the soul-tinged vocals. Maybe it's the horns section. Idk, music is not a science. There's another group called Noisettes that sounds like this as well. Long story short, I love this song. I hope it ends up on the Bridget Jones 5 soundtrack, because Izzy, that would make you a lot of $$$. I wish you riches and fame! Not too much though, just ask Duffy how that turned out.