5/29/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Aaaaand t4L's award for the most baffling cover art of all time goes to....... LANY "4EVER!" (runner-ups include: EXGF "Idle Hands"-- which looks like any 13-yr-old boy's wet dream-- and Oliver Nelson's "Found Your Love"-- which looks like Ross Geller's wet dream). I guess I will label LANY's cover art as Pop-Eye's wet dream? However, that's making the assumption that it is spinach in the picture and tbh I don't know my salad greens well enough to make the call. All I know is that Kale sucks unless it is in smoothie form.

Overall, LANY produced yet another shimmery, rhythmic gem for you to listen to while doing chill summertime activities. Their St. Lucia meets Millenial Boy Band sound is literally the purrrrrrfect soundtrack for any beach bonfire or bestie road-trip. Oooor am I the only one who thinks driving around in a retro convertible with ur gal pals is the American dream? Maybe just like every Millenial female's American Dream (I blame the fact that Thelma and Louise, Crossroads and Michele & Romy's High School Reunion all were released during our impressionable childhood years). ALSO, one last thing; I'm loving the exclamation point in the track's title! I'm on Elaine Benes' side; the exclamation point is your friend ppl. <--- Exhibit A: look how abrasive that sentence sounded ending in a period instead of the question mark's straight-laced bro.