Made In Heights- Forgiveness & Slow Burn

5/02/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Not gonna lie, I thought this band was British until about .25 seconds ago. But, ultimately, that's like the biggest compliment a band can receive from t4L is that we thought they were British. We idolize British music more than Helga Pataki idolizes her closeted Arnold shrine. Sure I could have picked a reference from this decade, or even this millenium, but who doesn't wanna stroll down memory lane and end up at PS 118, amiright???

I really can't say which track I prefer, "Forgiveness" or "Slow Burn".  Both have Sabzi's quirky and intriguing production style and Kelsey Bulkin's soulful vocals. My initial reaction was that she kind of sounds like the ghost of a mermaid. Even though that's a super specific comparison and I have nooooo reference point for what sounds the spirit of a siren would produce, I stand by the observation nonetheless. Like her vocals have this whimsical, wispy quality but also this distorted and muffled edge to them. And the tropical synth in "Slow Burn" ripples through the track, only adding to the aquatic vibes flowing from the LA-duo's most recent single. Basically I have only one praise left and it is in the immortal words of Leslie Knope "Ann Kelsey you poetic, noble land-mermaid"*.

You rock, Made In Heights, don't change. Except maybe the name. I don't get it and thus I h8 it (isn't that how like EVERY religious war started EVER? oh well, still my mentality #srynotsry)

*runners up for my Leslie Knope quote included:
  • "Ann Kelsey, you cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish"
  • "Oh, Ann Kelsey, you beautiful, rule-breaking moth"
  • and yes those quotes are, amazingly, verbatim #RIPParks&Rec #LeslieKnope4Prez

Writer's Edit: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Balderston wrote a review of Made in Height's "Ghost" wayyy back in September (but I didn't read it til now... ewps? t4L's worst fan right here.) Nonetheless, she ALSO got marine-life vibes from these ppl!! I'm officially not crazy. Bulkin's def part sea-nymph. t4L, out!

Sounds Like: Brika, Mirah, REMMI

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