Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (Ft. MØ)

5/23/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Major Lazer and MØ look like they would throw a pretty amazing house party. They would serve mescalin infused mojitos and great Indian food. There might be exotic wildlife wandering around. The pool would be filled with rose petals, and their sweet collaborations would keep the good vibes groovin all night long. Just don't ask them to play songs by someone else. They don't look like people who are "fans" of the competition. God help you if you request David Guetta. But honestly, they deserve to be those people, because this song is pretty fucking good. So good that I bothered the DJ at Dos Caminos until he told me who it was by. (Yes, Dos Caminos has a DJ, and FYI he is amazing.) MØ brings her poppy eclectic vocal, and Major Lazer supports her with his seemingly endless library of musical instruments. The instrumental part that directly follows the chorus is giving me lifeeeeee. I love. It's kind of kazoo like and also manages to sound cool and melancholy at the same time. How u do that Major Lazer?! Also, here's the part where I ponder when MØ will explode into the stratosphere. She's been turning solid material both as a solo act and a collaborator for almost 2 years. THE TIME HAS COME AMERICA. Put her on my FM radio or else....I will b mad.