MIAMIGO - Hard To Love

5/11/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Some new #britishpeople to make your day better. My new short term goal*** is to get this hashtag trending worldwide. I mean, let's just take a minute in the Twitter universe to celebrate the pale/drunk/musical geniuses of the English Isle. There are so many. Ed Sheeran is only the tip of the ice berg. There's also One Direction. And maybe the Beatles? No but I kid I worship the ground these people walk on. How can I trick a UK man into marrying me? Does the accent envy work in reverse?  Do they think my American accent is cute? I have A LOT of questions, and tbh maybe I don't want to know the answers. Ugh I wish I could just live in Shakespeare in Love. Back to the #britishpeople at hand, let's discuss MIAMIGOs new tune "Hard to Love." Initially, I believed that MIAMIGO was a mashup of the words MIAMI GO. I know. I don't know though, for a moment in time I felt it was kind of plausible. Maybe their ultimate goal was to end up at Ultra? Get it?! GO 2 MIAMI WE WILL. But then I realized this isn't Yoda's band. And Mi Amigo is pretty cool to me also. Their song is also cool. It reminds me that I don't listen to enough dancey pop/rock music. Rock on gentlemen. Literally.

*** long term goal is to finish Mad Men.