Nihils - Help Our Souls (Urban Contact Remix)

5/06/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Congrats on the scary album artwork Nihils. That looks like Madonna and Lady Gaga are fusing their powers together to cast a curse on Adele's vocals. Or even Taylor Swift's frankly. Desperate times for those queens. Discussing Drake's would-be rapist is neither here nor there however. Instead, we are here to talk about non-TMZ artists Nihils and Urban Contact. First off, I wanna say Nihils has the snazziest website I've seen to date. Seriously I'm very impressed. Sleek, and not too busy. Can you help us with ours? My favorite part are the mini-bios, which actually contain no information but have cute pics. Maybe we should talk about your music for a second. All right here goes: I dig it. It's reminding me of James Hershey's "What I've Done." Both of these are remixes, so the similarities could just be conjured from the uptempo makeover that 91% of remixes offer, but whatever GO WITH IT. Lyrically I also like what's happening. "Help our souls tonight / We losing this fight" Otherwise known as my drunken battle to get my apartment door open at 3am. That top lock is a motherfucker. ( k this is a lame joke i already know, I needed to make this post longer don't hate meeee)