RHODES - Close Your Eyes

5/08/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I know we were all very upset by McDreamy's recent passing on Grey's Anatomy. (Sorry if I ruined it. Actually not at all sorry, because if you didn't know, you haven't had contact with humans in 3 weeks.) While I loved McDreamy as much as the next lady, I can say what upsets me most about his death is the fact this song wasn't playing when they pulled the plug. I mean, acoustic Snow Patrol?!!? Comeon Shonda. That song blows. It was bad in 2005, and the 10 year hindsight has only reminded me that along with "Chasing Cars" I used to like Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco. Dark times. Rhodes would have been perfect for this moment. When his voice breaks a little bit on "Your righttt besidee meee" I think I could cry a thousand rivers. Such emotion! And truly such a perfect marriage of production and vocals. It's like half Coldplay / half Dido. Rhodes I hope you aren't offended by these comparisons. I love both those musical acts. Like..a lot. 1. Left my body at a Coldplay concert. 2. "Don't leave home by Dido is one of the best songs ever recorded. Sorry if you wanted to be compared to the Arctic Monkeys. Love you. Plz release more.