Shannon Saunders- Electric

5/21/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Meet^ the mellowed-out, British version of Kiesza everyone!! They have the same pretty-n-airy soprano sound that layers perfectly over synth. Also, PLOT TWIST: Kiesza isn't British! She's Canadian. Who dafuq knew?! First Celine. Then J. Biebs. Then Carly Rae. Now Kiesza's all the rage. Canadian music rocks! My next break-out Canadian pop-prediction is a DJ spinning tunes under the pseudonym NAN00K OF DA NORTH.^^ Called it.

Sry, back to Shannon (ADHD is real ppl!). Homegirl floats over these falsetto's like she's Bon f**king Iver and the staccadic, quirky production of her this newest track is everythinggg. I know it's weird to compare a female's falsetto to a male's and intend it as a compliment but Bon Iver sounds so much like "Bonny Ver" that it's mo-def a compliment to Ms. Saunders. Also I dig the opening vocals. Do they not give you some serious "Hideaway" vibes? Like the "baaaby-- I love the-- wayyyy that- nothing's for sureee" part?? Or should I just never try starting to write a review a half bottle of pinot again??

^Actually, Balderston featured this girl wayyyy back in September for her "housey/ electro/ Apple commercial in training song" SheetsSo don't meet her. Just get reacquainted!

^^If you are a die-hard film-buff (or over the age of 92), then, you're welcome, you just got a hilarious laugh. If you're the other 99.35% of the world, you have no fucking idea what I was referencing. It's a movie called "Nanook of the North" and it has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, not even exaggerating. You should totally watch! Come back here after^^^

^^^LOLLLLLL. Did you watch it?!?! Heh, it's a 1922 documentary about the eskimo people of Canada's northern-most region. Nawwwwwwt the most entertaining nugget of cinema. Why do I know about this film, you may ask? Because I went to a f**king liberal arts school and took classes like "The Introduction to the History and Theory of Film" and "History of 20th Century Ballet". No joke. Classes like that exist.