Sigma- Glitterball (ft. Ella Henderson)

5/30/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Somewhere Lady Gaga is kicking herself for not claiming the song title "Glitterball" first. The title also kind of sounds like a club that Bill Hader's Stefon would recommend on his segment. *cue Stefon voice* This summer, New York's hottest club is Glitterball. Originally intended as the location of Dina Lohan's personal dance studio, this place has everything. Pugs. Laser guns. A stuck-up cat that is always blocking the front entrance. Escargot. Tic Tacs. Those extremely furry walls from "Get Him to the Greek". And a larger-than-life Peter Dinklage impersonator (yes, that is just a regular, normal-sized human. Spoiler Alert: It's Perez Hilton).

Speaking of having everything, this song has literally allllll the elements of an amazing 2015 brit-pop track. Ella Henderson. Choral Back-Up. House piano that makes me want to drink until I make decisions I thoroughly regret. Strings. "Oooo"'s. And finally that infectious, fast-paced British percussion we hear in soooooooo many track from our fave neighbors across the pond. Sry, but the only way I can describe the drums in this track is that they sound like this looks: