t4L in a Nutshell- May 2015

5/31/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

OMITTED DITTIES ('cause we can't blog every amazzzzzing song that crossed our path. We do have lives 7 seasons of Dexter to binge-watch)

Sia- California Dreamin'
Reaction: Many people are criticizing her choice of song, as the original is already amazing. But, like, she's Sia and h8rs gunna h8. My thoughts?:

It's f**king Sia. Who r u to judge anyways, rLy?

Darwin Deez- Kill Your Attitude
My Reaction: UGHHHH, I can think of a million people I want to serenade with this song. Exhibit A:

KILL DAH FAHKING ATTITUDE. (my Boston side comes out when I'm annoyed AF or paHking a caHr in the wicked haHt yaHd.)

Filous- How Hard I Try (ft. James Hershey)
Reaction: The puuuuurfect song to accompany late-night star gazes:

Srsly, this is the ideal nighttime chill-out song. I mean, if looking at this gif and listening to this song at the same time doesn't make you feel as elated and mellow as if you had just popped a xanax or 2 then I feel bad for u, you must have a Monica Geller level of uptight, control freak in you.

BEARSON- Imposter (ft. Mark Johns)
Reaction: PURE JOY when I found out our beloved BEARSON had collab'd with our favorite singer Mark Johns (don't let the "Mark" thing fool yah folks!):

HONNE- Top to Toe
Reaction: (1:35 in #lol) ...Wait. This isn't Chet Faker? Oh well, It still f**king rocks:

Little Boots- Better in the Morning

Reaction: This song makes me feel like I'm a powerful 80's businesswoman/ cougar. & I love it!:

ppl just don't wear ornate AF broaches on the reg anymore... #sad