t4L in a Nutshell- June 2015

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('cause we can't blog everyyyy amazing song that crossed our path. We did have lives and legit shit to do OITNB this month, yah know?)

Grades- King (Basic Tape Remix)

Makes Me: wonder if the lead singer of this is the love child of Michael Jackson and Ellie Goulding. 'Cause she sure as hell sounds like it

RHODES- Close Your Eyes (Rationale Remix)

Makes Me: feel like I'm at the end of an 80's rom-com and the last scene takes place at a poorly-
decorated school dance in the gymnasium.

Elephante- I Want You (ft. RUMORS)

Makes Me: question my severe hatred of things EDM because this sock rocks, bone-rattling synth and all!

Obie Trice- Good Girls

Makes me: wanna rip fireball shots while listening to the best #tbt of all time and the Obie-original, "Got Some Teeth"

BECOME. X Elohim- She Talks Too Much

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ERGHHHH, MY EYESSS!!! I would apologize profusely for employing this defaced and Darked-Marked Botticelli in place of the album art but that photo actually is the album art. I know I just gave "The Most WTF Cover Art of All Time Award" to LANY only a couple weeks back for their modern-interpretation of Pop-Eye, but this one may take the cake. Also, idk who that is supposed to be in the painting, but homegirl looks hungover AF. The bags under her eyes indicate that she took one too many patron shots and the ambivalence in her pupils indicates she blacked-out but has the hunch that v. poor decisions were made the previous night...Perhaps really the subconscious reason I h8 this cover art is that it feels like I'm looking at my Sunday-morning-self in the mirror and it's all too real.

BECOME. is the newest project from the EXGF Collective and now I can officially sound like a true music-snob and say I've been with an artist "from the very beginning". Srsly, go google "BECOME." and you will see that before last week they had a smaller digital footprint than Ron Swanson (aka they didn't exist). Their first project is a complete re-work of Elohim's "She Talk Too Much", taking the electro-pop original and twisting it into this sort of downtempo-trap ditty complete with eerie piano and a thumping backbeat. It's really no shock that I'm blogging this remix seeing as I have not been able to get Elohim's flawless original out of my damn head since she released it in May. This is mostly because the song describes t4L to a T. If you look up "the sound of crazy" in the dictionary, t4L's logo actually appears underneath as a definition. If you are having trouble understanding why, perhaps it's because we do fucking weird shit like how we used 9 ron Burgundy quotes in the span of a paragraph or how we compared a 2015 pop song to the literary classic "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde". But, w/e, some people genuinely like the taste of Kale. Honestly, that's wayyyy more weird IMO.


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WELCOME TO THIS SUMMER'S OCTAHATE EVERYONE! It's got power-house drums, an infectious chorus and the same type of bold, soaring vocals as Ms. Weaver's 2k14 summer jam. These two pop princess even have a picture together! And just by looking at the picture I can tell they are both wayyyyy too cool for t4L (not a hard feat, but still). Ryn and FLETCHER are def the type of girls who can hold their liquor and weed, no matter how many hipster whiskey drinks and perfectly-rolled joints they consume. I, on the other hand, down 7 Svedka shots and take half-a-hit of MJ and then shriek at the club's DJ either until he plays the Charlie's Angels Soundtrack like I asked or until I lose balance on my wedges & eat shit mid-request (I would say about 95% of the time the latter happens. DJs either really hate the music from Charlie's Angels or they really hate basic, drunk girls because they NVR respond well to my suggestions... again I think it's the latter because how DA FUQ could you hate the Charlie's Angels CD??).

I love everything about this fem-fatale summer jam from the attitude of the chanting vocals to the quirkiness of the choral banjo. The rumbling drums give off a tribal, concrete-jungle feel perfect for any outdoor festivity and, honestly, you're doing a disservice to your friends if you don't put this on your "Ladies be Pregaming" playlist for the weekend. The anthemic chorus comes around and I automatically feel connected and bonded to all my homegirls out there (even that one bitch who manages to look flawless after SoulCycle). Like there's a reason Ocean's Eleven didn't star 11 women: it's because it's unrealistic. IRL, a female Ocean's Eleven wouldn't work because 3 of them would keep breaking off to talk shit and about the other 8*. But this song has the ability to change those dynamics forever and unite the feminine masses! Then maybe "Ocean's Eleven: No Boys Allowed**" could actually be a thing! Then my dream to see Kristen Wiig, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Melissa McCarthy and Amy Poehler all interact in one movie could be a reality!! (otherwise I think i'm SOL. Let's be honest, no other mainstream movie is gonna have 7 strong female roles #fucktheindustry #girlsrule #boysdrool #filmshouldreflectthat)

* fuckyeah, that was a John Mullaney reference #newintown

**like 95% that would be the cheesy title chosen by the dick-head producers

Big Data- The Business of Emotion (Viceroy's Happier Hour Remix)

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I feel like everything Viceroy touches turns to like palm trees and conch shells. Homeboy captures the summer sound so effortlessly that he's even crowned himself the "Sultan of Summer". Although, is that really something people call him or is it kind of just a Benjamin Wade/ Dragon-Slayer situation??

I'm also just like uber confused with the cover art. Although this track is labelled "Viceroy's Happier Hour Remix" I hear that the working title for this project was actually "Viceroy Sold His Fucking Soul 2 Taco Bell Remix". That didn't poll very well doe. Like congrats on being the new face of Taco Bell, I guess, Viceroy. Although you're literally filling the tiniest of shoes. Like did the Taco Bell marketing team just immediately think of the self-proclaimed Sultan when brainstorming a replacement for their 6lb, hairless chihuahua spokespuppy*?

Brand promotion and Viceroy's delusions of Middle-Eastern grandeur aside, this track exudes good vibes left & right. Except, blergh, I can't tell if the saxophone is, like, too much, yah know? I think that might have been one too many additions, Viceroy. But I'm fucking LOVING the "When I Come Around" Green Day guitar in the v. beginning and it's honestly been wayyyy too long since Big Data made an appearance on this blog. Although does this mean that Taco Bell is the thing making Big Data "feel good" in the song? Cause if so, I H8 HUMANITY but also, I kinda get it; People go fucking nuts for Baja Blast and a taco that tastes like Doritos. Srsly, Baja Blast has had higher approval ratings than Obama every year since he was voted into office in '08**.

*also, is it sad that I have nostalgia for a fast-food commercial? #probably #stilltearingup #BrewserWoods4ever

**okay, so this statement hasn't been fact-checked, but, honestly, it's not hard to have a better approval rating than bobblehead Barack (that's honestly not even supposed to be a political diss. To me, the subject of politics is like the gym. I just don't go there. But Obams was born with an overly-rotund cranium, a stick-like bodily figure and a real goofy-looking smile which are all common characteristics for a bobblehead figurine. So lets get #bobbleheadBarack trending on twitter and make t4L FAMOUS so we can sell out like Viceroy and cut a deal with like Dairy Queen or something.)

LIVE! Review: Bahamas (Irving Plaza 6/19/15)

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This marked the third time I’ve seen Canadian heartthrob and general badass Afie Jurvanen in the past year.  I guess there are some people you’re going to see every time they come to town (ex-lovers notwithstanding), and he’s one of them.  I don’t know why it’s taken me three shows to finally slap his beautiful face on T4L but here it is.  

He recently made a splash when his song “All The Time” was featured in a major wireless commercial.  His third full length album Bahamas is Afie (thank god he clarified) was not long to follow, delivering on the promise he made to a packed Le Poisson Rouge last September that his songs would “keep getting slower and keep getting sadder.”

Despite the melancholy temperament of his music, Afie has heaps of fun flirting with the audience between songs.  He likes to refer to general pop culture as “teenagers” and “young people with their punk rock music.” At Irving Plaza he recounted the origins of the featureless, black XXL hoodie that he was swimming in:  after buying two at his favorite flea market (because he was cold and it was a can’t-beat-it sale), his wife shortened the gargantuan garment by cropping off the bottom.  He congratulated himself as a trend-setter by pointing out that his gorgeous backup singer, Felicity Williams (imagine Emma Watson with an angelic voice), was also rocking a cropped black hoodie, and that eventually we would be too.

Bahamas is folk in that it relies heavily on voice and a guitar, but Afie sings so sensually that I think it would be music lover malpractice to pigeonhole the band with just one word.  His band, comprised of Felicity, a lead guitar, a bass guitar and drums can rock out when they are occasionally called upon to do so, and Afie commands one or two sexy guitar solos per show.  Make sure you catch him next time he comes to NYC.  I’ll go with you if you need friends.
Grade: A
Favorite Tracks:
Please Forgive My Heart (Bobby Womack Cover)

Betty Who - All Of You (Dave Edwards Remix)

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Well that is just the best pic ever. WHERE can I acquire one of those giant yellow phones?? I would just take selfies next to it all day and send them to my friends with captions like "HELP I WOKE UP SO TINY" and "CAN'T GET DOWN FROM BED BRING A SHRINKY DINK LADDER**" Betty Who, you better have done that. Even if you didn't, I forgive you because your song rules. To be honest, I don't know what the original sounds like, but you and Dave Edwards have partnered beautifully here. Or maybe I am just blinded by house piano. Seriously if you throw that shit in a song it's over for me. It's like a musical version of a golden retriever puppy. And those clapssssss. All great things. Also her voice is very solid. I think the first time we wrote about her we said "love child of Katy Perry and MS MR". I stand by that statement. And Billboard has been instagramming her like a middle schooler instas their friends with the captions "BFF 4 LIFE" unironically (AKA A LOT), so I expect the music industry feels the same way. I wish you great success Betty Who! Also shoutout to these cheeky lyrics: "Drive me crazy, then you drive me home"

***side note: plz know that I actually require a ladder to descend from my bed. 8 days a week yall.And I am a normal sized human.

POWERS - Beat of My Drum

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I swear to god L.A is the new London. No, Kanye and Kim are not the new Will and Kate (they fucking wish), and sunshine is not the new rain,** I just mean my favorite new music is coming out of there. Idk why. Maybe all the young kiddies went to Coachella and were iNsPiReD. Perhaps POWERS was. "Beat of My Drum" is the kind of song you hear, and immediately you can no longer remember a time where you didn't know it. Basically it's catchy aF and makes me wanna dance around forever. There's an amazing drum pattern (would be pretty awk if there wasn't tbh), and the vocals are vaguely Electric Guest-y. Remember them? Well regardless of whether or not u do, plz let's all have a moment of silence for them. They were a casualty of the cruel indie machine. POWERS, I hope you avoid such a fate. I think you are on the right track, because any song that has the lyrics "move your shoes" is a winner for me. It's so silly and better than saying "feet" Because feet are gross and shoes are cute. Duh.

***prob shouldn't be making rain jokes (as if such a thing exists) at a time like this. I mentioned almond milk to my L.A based friend the other day and she practically bit my ear off through the phone. "Why, t4L!?!" you may be asking your computer. Well people, almond production uses so much water that the paleo freaks of Los Angeles are being forced to drink regular milk like poor peasants. Srsly word to the wise: don't use the "a" word if you're heading west of Vegas. They may force feed u 2%.

*RELEASE* James Chatburn- We Drink (ft. Frank Nitt)(prod. w/ Dizz1)

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Is it kosher for me to label this as a "release" even though I'm 11 days past the date that original submission e-mail sent our way?? Oh well, #dontcare #doingitanyway. This only further supports our claim that we truly are #theworstmusicblogever. Blergh*, wutever. Someone has to hold that title and no publicity is bad publicity, right Kris Jenner??

 I really feel as though the chorus of this song paints a picture of t4L's average night on the town. "I didn't even make much sense to them/ All I have left is my really good friends/ But we drink, but we drink". These words ring all too true for like 95.6% of my weekend nights. I get embarrassingly obliterated to the point where I'm only talking in Friends quotes and slurred words (aka I only make sense to my besties who get me & my... quirks**). Thus my night ends at 3:30am drinking alone with my really good friends, listening to Barry White (#highpoint or #lowpoint? not really sure).

Honestly I feel like this song is too cool for me. Like it's way more mellowed-out and chill than the usual saturated fem-pop ditties found on this site. Overall, "We Drink" is a breezy, eclectic R&B track to help you ride out those Monday blues. Vocally, Chatburn falls somewhere between FYFE and the lead singer of HONNE on the velvety, dreamy male vocals scale, and honestly, what fucking gr8 company to keep!

*if yah got the 30 rock ref w/o having to read this addendum, ILY ;)

**I guess "quirk" is the term. Didn't really know how to fit "leprechaun dance moves" and "unhealthy obsession with Survivor" into one category/ phrase, but "quirk" seems apt.

Raury- Devil's Whisper

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GREAT ODIN'S RAVEN! Raury, you're so wise. You're like a miniature Buddha. I mean, Sweet Lincoln's musket, I'm in a glass case of emotion after this track! By the beard of Zeus, I freakin' love you, Raury! Sure the cynicism of the track is brutal it's like Knights of Columbus, that hurt! But ultimately it's just Raury being like 'I'm expressing my inner anguish through the majesty of song!' so let it slide and you stay classy... Planet Earth***.

***If you didn't get it by now (#dumbass), the previous paragraph is like 90.2% Ron Burgundy quotes (sry, but it's on my bucket list to get in the Guinness Book of World Records and I wanna break an easy record. So I chose to go for most Ron Burgundy quotes in under 80 words. Total RB quote count is 9. If anyone can top that, I h8 u but also pLz e-mail me cause I kinda think we're meant to be besties.)

In all seriousness though, "Devil's Whisper" is sensational. It's one of those rare tracks that successfully bridges the gaps between rap, folk and jazz (key word being successfully). What starts out as a little piece of alternative-folk gold takes an avant-guarde turn and the track winds down in a thumping, electronic denouement complete with Raury's own compelling rap verses. His production choices are truly inspired, from the husky choral vocals to the bluesy pizzicato of the upright bass. And the angsty climax of his rapping at the end just had me like:

I'm being 100% serious! My jaw literally dropped the first time I listened to this as if I was some Mel Blanc creation. And ultimately, after the 3:43 of this pure eclectic ingenuity, I only have one thing left to say to Mr. Tullis:

Tori Kelly- Expensive

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New Music Tuesday, MY ASS, Spotify. This track has been circulating the internet for at least a month* (that's like forever in HMST-- Hype Machine standard time). Although I guess I should have known the creators of Spotify were using the term "New Music" broadly when Ryn Weaver's "The Fool" was on this past week's update as well (we at t4L SUCK at keeping up with the trends and even we blogged that back in April). But ultimately, idc how or when this song came into my life, I'm just glad those blaring horns and Kelly's brassy vocals are now a part of my summer playlist. Her flawless trills scream "I'M A DIVA AND I HAVE THE VOICE TO BACK IT UP BITCHES" and the whole vibes of her vocals have me thinking she like a mini Ariana Grande. 'Cept, you know, human, whereas I'm 97% sure Ariana is pop-star experiment** fabricated from like recycled disco balls and neo-preen. Also I guess you can't get much more "mini" than Ms. Grande cause she's like barely 5 foot (Grande is such an ironic last name in that way I just love it love it love it!)

My one issue with the song comes at the bridge. I'm sick of these 30-second raps thrown into songs. Like how come 50% of solo artists now are forced to collab and fill their bridge with an only semi-talented rapper? I mean it's basically the reason Iggy, Nicki, Travie McCoy and Tyga have careers (Harsh but true). What ever happened to awe-inspiring guitar solos or drummer rocking out for an 8-count or 2? Srsly, just take me back to the 70's pLz and I'll be a happy girl. But hold on! Before I get in that time machine, lemme burn "Expensive" onto a casette (lo #tbt) so I can play it in the Delorean on my journey back to the age of Stevie Nicks and more-lax drug policies!!

*although I just looked up the release date for this track and, lol, it was in June. Basically bein' bitchy for no reason then but, hey, that's kind of always been my M.O. anyways

**ala the 2004 DCOM movie Pixel Perfect #totallyrobbedatCannes

Dragonette- Let the Night Fall

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Press play and scroll down for giphy goodness.

Dragonette labels this track as "basement pop" which basically just means a song that sounds just as good sober as it does when you're on the edge of your weekly Saturday blackout. You may think this is a broad way to categorize music, but you'd be surprised how many songs only sound good when you're over 50% obliterated. For instance, Deadmau5 always seems like a good idea when it's 3:30 am and you're half a handle of Jose deep, but when I listen to it sober I feel as deaf and disoriented as Brick Tamland:


But, with it's saccharine vocals and overall good vibes, "Let the Night Fall" is one of the few hidden gems that sounds equally fantastic, sober or turnt. In short, this track is literally the essence of summer and who doesn't want to be reminded of the happiest of the seasons?? Listening to it immediately transports me to a sunny beach like I'm Kimmy Schmidt in Nick Kroll's spin class:


The four-on-the-floor beat is infectious AF and the whole track just screams for people to dance like no one's watching.

Whether you're that creepy dude whose alone at the club but still has "sick" moves to show off:


Or you're at home, victory-dancing with your bestie:


"Let the Night Fall" is literally the perfect song for every occasion! (okay, but maybe leave it off ur gr8 aunt's funeral playlist...)

The slow build in the beginning is EVERYTHING. By the time the drums kick in you're more ready to rock out than J.Law in American Hustle:

(honestly if I'm drunk enough and this comes on at the club, there is a 95% chance I will channel my inner Mrs. Rosenfield when the beat drops and dance like whatever is going on here):


It will be embarrassing and my glutes with hurt like HELL in the morning from all the squatting. But, in the moment, with Dragonette's fun, warm synth filling the air around me, it will have seemed totally worth it.

Finally, I have to just add that lyrically, this song kills it. Dragonette is so on-point with their cravings for "scotch and sun", "stupid fun" and "smoking some" it's literally like they asked me what my ideal summer would consist of and then worked that into their most recent single. So thanku Dragonette! I didn't know my soul-mate would come in the form of a musically-gifted, Torontonian trio, but what we like to do for fun seems so in-sync that all I can think is: 

Travie McCoy- Golden (ft. Sia)

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HOLY TRUFFULA TREES, BATMAN*!! That is some rul psychedelic, Dr.-Suess-on-acid looking cover art right thurrrr. Slash I think I painted that exact picture in 2nd grade art class actually. But that's true art for yah. If I, the most basic of humans, am unable to understand it, that probably means it's a good, meaningful piece of art (lol that I was an art history minor... #liberalarts)

If you look up "on fleek" in the dictionary*, you'll find simply a description of Sia's 2015 career as a definition.  Seriously, first she was featured on that Kanye track back in February and then there was her stunning cover of "California Dreamin'" only last month. Not to mention the fame she's been getting recently from her 2k14 masterpieces, "Chandelier" and "Elastic Heart". Homegirl has produced so much amazing work in the past 12 months that I've deduced she is either on a serious combo of Adderall and red bull, or she's the Leslie Knope of the music world and is naturally a highly-productive, driven #bo$$bitch. I bet it's the latter. ILYSM Sia. I'm offically girl crushing hard core (also my iPhone always auto-corrects your name to Siam which makes me lol everytime. 10 points to Slytherin for that one**, Siam!)

A couple thoughts on the Travis McCoy part (or should I say Travie? Honestly, not even gunna go into my hatred of the juvenile "-ie" suffix.):
1.  Sry but the word "Mayonnaise" should NVR occur in a rap, even if it's just being used as a last name. Also, there are just so many better 90's TV characters to reference (she could have been the Pinkie to his Brain,  the Didi to his laboratory, the RACHEL TO HIS FUCKING ROSS FOR ALLAH'S SAKE. But no, Travie chooses to reference the one childrens character whose last name is an emulsion of egg yolks and vinegar.... gross.
2. Mr. McCoy, I MUST know: how much did Target pay to have their brand mentioned as a better shopping destination than Prada?? And how pissed was Prada when they found out the former lead singer of "Gym Class Heroes" was dissing them so publicly? Fuck the meaning of life, these are questions I rLy want to know the answers to.

*I guess the unofficial theme of this post is to start every paragraph with a cliche. Sry to be so unoriginal but it's the last day of the work week (aka I'm like 98.5% brain dead at the moment).

**sry to put u in Slytherin, Sia, but, honestly, that's most definitely the house I'd be sorted into. And, ultimately, all I wanna do is get wine drunk in the common room witchaa and practice spells & shit. Since Hogwarts doesn't exist, maybe we can just pass a box of Franzia around at the Universal Studios HP castle. Sure the staff will be mad initially, but ur fucking SIA and, in the words of Mugatu, u are "ssssso hot right now" so I bet the security might be cool with you getting turnt in their Room of Requirement.

Beck - Dreams

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Oh fuck yeah. While I think this is being overhyped,*** I will say "Dreams" is the only thing I heard this week that I liked. And I listen to new music approximately 9 hours a day. (the week of 6/15 had a lotttt of shitty rap you guys. Seriously how many ASAPs are there? Only 1 of them is decent and even his new album has me doubting his legitimacy beyond "Fashion Killa." I digress...)  It's like a PERFECT 90s time capsule gem. But really. The ghosts of all pop-rock bands of yesteryear are present. Everclear: check. Smash Mouth: greetings. I think even Blur is lurking. And those strummy electric guitars are amazing. Also Beck, welcome (back? Does Loser count?) to the world of catchy music. I think you could really be at home here. I know you are normally devoted to being arty and serious, but I think we would all be happier if you sold out and made top 40 music. I mean, I don't need an Ariana Grande collab (YET), but this song is so much better than anything on "Sea Change." So ponder that when you go in the studio pls.

***which seems fitting. I mean guys, isn't Beck as a whole over-hyped? I hate Kanye as much as the next person, but I can't deny he was saying what we were allllll thinking when this dude picked up the biggest Grammy for an album literally NO ONE heard. If you disagree with me you should probably be reading Pitchfork.

Fafu - Serial Theme Notorious B.I.G. Remix

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PSA: If you haven't listened to the NPR podcast, "Serial," then you are a cultural hoodlum. It is a beacon for the future of investigatory journalism* and human interest pieces. Plus its got all the makings of Nicholas Sparks novel -murder, teen romance, feuding families, lies, deceit,  but mostly just murder. That and it's free, so why the hell NOT? Your inner Agatha Christie will thank you.

More importantly to you audiophiles, Serial has a damn infectious theme song. Which is why, Fafu, you are a genius. This remix is simple really- a layering of Biggie's "Somebody Gotta Die" (subtle, Mr. Smalls) over a continuous loop of Serial's tinkling piano chords. Injected intermittently throughout are excerpts from the podcast, resulting in a pretty ominous mash-up. HOWEVER, the blend of songs is just too perfect. It may top "Office Muzik" - you know, the Lil' Wayne/The Office theme song mashup of '08. What is it about thugs and nerd instruments (i.e. pianos, accordions, kazoos)?? If it's wrong, I don't wanna be right.

*s/o Zoolander. Please tell me there are still others out there who can do dry run of the entire movie from memory.

The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face

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Can we please pause and marvel at the shrubbery sitting upon the Weeknd's head. He is literally a human pineapple. I want nothing more than for him and the Fat Jewish to snap some pics together. Well actually if we are talking about things I want, that's not super high on my list. In fact, it's after:  1. finding an avocado with a shelf life of longer than 2 days**** , 2. watching all of Seinfeld,  3. meeting (and stalking) Calvin Harris. But it is definitely #4. Speaking of #4, "Can't Feel My Face" is the fourth single from the Weeknd's new album. Actually it's not. But it might have been, and then my transition would have been perfect. Instead it is the #2 single from upcoming album "Chapter 3." And it's very solid. The new stuff feels like a legit attempt at radio play. I feel like the Weeknd of 2011 was mostly singing slow jams about doing drugs, and having sex with girls on drugs. The Weekend of 2015 is singing mid-tempo disco about... the same thing. Baby steps guys! It's a lot more upbeat. Hey, you never know, this song could be about his dentist.

***seriously guys, I feel like I blink my eyes and the avocados I bought 34 seconds prior are ROTTING IN MY KITCHEN. Bring back GMOs people!! I never had to throw out my food.

XYLØ - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

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Besides the fact the title of this song sounds like a Jules Verne novel (boom, some use from my English major. 200 grand well spent amirite?), I have literally no complaints. A true beauty. In fact, I really meant to blog these people months ago, when they dropped their other etheral tune "America." But, like a drunk girl exiting a cab sans phone and wallet, I left it behind*** That's okay though, because I like this one better. The female vocals are calming and pure. The snare drum is perfect. Legit, I feel like the snare drum gets no love in indie music!! Also maybe I am crazy, but I swear there are police sirens being sampled here. And while cop cars definitely don't exist "between the devil and the deep blue sea," I still support them. Can we also give it up to XYLØ for being the most productive brother-sister duo I know? This is the best thing created by siblings since Monica and Ross made up "The Routine" The only thing my brother and I do together is smoke weed and yell at each other about the music choice in the car. So well done guys. Hopefully one day you won't turn into Oasis. 

***disclaimer: I stole this joke from "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." I can't afford to be milli-Vanillied so I might as well be straight-forward about my plagiarism.

*RELEASE* The Chainsmokers - Roses ft. Rozes

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K, The Chainsmokers have been hulking out recently. Their tour is on FUHLEEK,* as is the pace at which they have been pelting us with new releases. You may remember Rozes from her feature on Just a Gent's "Limelight" back in 2014. She's back killing it for our boys on this homonymically** titled track. Just gonna put it out there that roses are mentioned a grand total of zero times in this song. However, apparently "rozes" means roses in Latvian so that's pretty #meta I guess. But Rozes you're from Philly - are you Latvian? Do you have a distant Latvian relative? T4L now has a keen interest in your heritage so holla back.

Anyway, "Roses" differs a bit from what we've come to expect from The Chainsmokers. While it retains its EDM roots, the primary focus of the song is Rozes' vocals. There's no earth shattering drop or excessive doses of wompage. Don't get me wrong. There's a time and a place for bone-rattling bass and face-melting lasers. But a girl only has so much capacity to get turnt and in my car on the way to hot yoga does not an appropriate rave venue make. So thanks guys, the versatility is much appreciated. 

*apologies for the egregious use of embarrassing social media slang, but it really was the most apt phrase to convey the level of their hypetitude rn.  Yes, hypetitude is not a word. And yet you absolutely knew what I meant. 

** Also not a word, but if you were in an English major/linguistically inclined at all then you also knew what I meant. 

Sjowgren - Seventeen

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I immediately thought this was Misun and that is high praise given that they have yet to get a less than stellar T4L review. So when I realized that "Seventeen" was released by Sjowgren, I was like a) how the fack do I pronounce that, b) damn this is catchy, c) who is this phonetically ridiculous nom de plume?

This is what I discovered. (Caution: If you are over the age of 18, you will likely be overcome with a staggering wave of ennui once you read the following.)

They are a Bay Area trio  just "making music for fun."


Oh that's chill. Wanna know what I was doing for fun in high school? Combo-ing booze in plastic water bottles and jumping on trampolines at house parties. Yes, the result was me hosing down my friends back yard at 8 am the next morning under her dad's supervision. Kudos, Sjowgren. Obviously the D.A.R.E curriculum was not lost on you.

So basically, am just stupid impressed with this lot. They released a 3-track EP a few months back and have now released the crown jewel of their repertoire with "Seventeen." We'll definitely be on the look out for more.

*RELEASE* Robert Delong- Don't Wait Up

6/16/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

ALL HAIL NEW MUSIC TUESDAY!! It literally makes me happier than this fish makes this kid (if that's possible). Also this post is proof that t4L does, in fact, read our e-mail on the reg!! We just also choose to pretend that we haven't heard about 76% of the tracks sent our way. Sry, but I've lived 23 years in a WASPy environment honing my overly exclusive mindset so I'm not gonna starting accepting all things anytime soon. On an exclusivity scale, t4L is somewhere between an esteemed, NYC pre-school and the Playboy Mansion (two things I really never thought I'd find commonality between).

Not gonna lie, I thought Robert Delong was British until approximately .25 seconds ago. But, ultimately, that is the no. 1 compliment an artist can receive from us freaks here at t4L. In short, I love British music more than Scott Disick loves to hear his own voice (again... if that's possible).  Maybe I'm getting the British vibes from that kind of a dark, acid-rock edge Delong brings to the track, who tha fuq knows really? All I know for certain is that Delong is definitely bringing  his "FUCKING NOTICE ME" game this summer and it's nice to see an America DJ who can consistent produce an amazing track like he's from Northern Europe or something (rumor** is they put Molly in the breast milk over there... That's why every Scandinavian with a synthesizer can make EDM magic and it's basically been that way since the birth of Bjork in 1965). Highlights of "Don't Wait Up" include some rul heavy, duophonic, 80's-styled synth throughout and some rul intense percussion near the end that pumps me with so much angsty adrenaline that I want to go like enlist in the army or attempt to binge-watch all the Breaking Bad seasons in under a week. You know, something epic.

P.S. It's been bugging me who this dude looks like but I have finally pin-pointed it! He looks like the love-child of Ian Gallagher from "Shameless" and Lauren Utter, than awkward Amazonian girl from ANTM Cycle 10. This observation is literally so weird, but also the most accurate so #srynotsry.

**A rumor 100% fabricated by yours truly but doesn't that sound like something that could be true?? There's NO WAY Bjork was being nursed with 100% natural milk. Only someone innately raised on 49 years of E would just casually wear this for her Gov Ball performance.

*RELEASE* Catey Shaw- Rumble in the Park

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YAAAASS QUEEN!! ThankU Catey for including that cow bell!! Maybe I've just spent too much time at college in the cow-tipping counties of upstate New York, but I feel like adding the cow bell's blunt-but-funky accompaniment is NVR a bad production idea. In fact, I professed my love for Jamie xx's use of this pastoral percussion only a couple posts ago. And here it appears again in Catey Shaw's first single off her new EP, out............ l8r (lol, I should know this #worstmusicbloggerever).

Honestly, it's an interesting coincidence that Catey and our favorite daywalker* from across the pond both highlight the crazy, pot-smoking aunt of the percussion family, because these two are also responsible for my favorite albums (slash EPs) of 2015 thus far. Okay, so I've only listen to like 10 albums in entirety this year (told yah: #worstmusicbloggerever), but still!! "In Colour" and Catey's newest EP** easily stick out above all others in my head (and I haven't even heard the polished, finalized version of Shaw's EP yet!). All I know is that  I've been chanting "Jenny don't use that knife/ someone's gonna lose their life" over and over like a zombie for like 46 hours straight now. This has REALLY confused my co-workers, as I'm threatening the life of someone named Jenny and there is no Jenny in our office...

I know I've been raving about the entire album and it's not even out yet, but "Rumble in the Park" is the perfect, infectious, little ditty to distract yourself with until the whole amazing EP is released. I guess you can be like the Monica Gellers of the world, be cheap and listen to it through the SoundCloud link at the bottom...

 ...but who DA FUQ ever wanted to be Monica??? #no1 #maybeTaylorSwift. So buy the track here instead!

*half of you just got flashbacks to GoT's "HardHome" episode before realizing I typed "daywalker" not "white walker". Although, like a Scadanavian or Icelandic DJing-duo going by the epithet "the White Walkers" is an amazzzzzing idea. If only I were a 17-yr-old Danish boy with a musically-gifted bestie (<--- definitely a phrase I never thought I would say)

**I honestly have no idea if the title is open info to the public yet but I would be the one to accidentally leak it. Better safe than sorry. It's kind of like how I the little © symbol every time I use the adjective "flawless" just in case Beyonce has held legal entitlement over that term since 2013.

Midnight Pool Party- Disease

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CONGRATS MPP! You officially have the most fun band name of all time!! A midnight pool party?! Can you think of anything better?? I've attended only one in my lifetime and it was simultaneously the most fun and most damaging house party I've ever been to. My last memory is drunken ppl throwing fistfuls of gravel into the pool around 3:30 am. Where was I? I was in the pool clinging to the last of my brain cells still able to retain memories. The last thing I remember thinking as the night sky blackened with the gravel flying over me was that I was Leonidas in the last scene of 300. You know, 'cept being pelted by pebbles... not shredded to death by 1,000 Persian arrows. Besides that minor detail we were basically in the same situation doe...

Sry, I'm back now from my own pathetic stroll down memory lane (ugh, I'm one of those people who can already refer to the glory days and I'm only 23 #imisscollege)."Disease" is the newest single from these funky Sydney natives and literally every track this duo put out is more infectiously groovy than the one before. If their name wasn't so fun I'd just refer to them as "Daft Punk from Down Under" because I'm getting some serious Random-Access-Memories-vibes here. But, ultimately, that album rocked so any comparison to my 2nd and 3rd favorite faceless robots of all time* is a compliment.
Also, I must comment on the cover art before I end this post. All I can say is somewhere Tove Lo is screaming at her manager for not using this concept for her cover art first (fun fact: the actual original opening lyrics to "Habits"  were "I vomit glitter in the bathtub/ then I go to sex club"**.

*I was born in 1992. So obviously the faceless robot that holds the No. 1 spot in my heart will ALWAYS be my iPhone. But Daft Punk takes the silver and bronze.

**Not rLy, but I am officially singing that everytime that song comes on now.

Major Lazer - Be Together (ft. Wild Belle)

6/14/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Maybe you couldn't tell from our short term blogging history, but Major Lazer has been bringing his "pay some fucking attention" A Game. Like, I mostly do not have the attention span for albums, and I've made up my mind to eventually go listen to it. I will be honest, I didn't used to think such kind thoughts about him. The previous perception was "Ibiza house DJ"*** which, while to some peoples liking, isn't mine unless I've had 7 vodka sodas and a bad week. But this new music is giving me life!! First "Lean On," now this one. "Be Together" isn't as big, but that is to be expected, as ML has taken a back seat here. Like a true gentleman, he lets Wild Belle do her thing, and provides delightful production to back her. Also it must be said, homegirl is bringing semi-Lana Del Rey vibes to this track. I think they both share a similar slurred, "just took a bottle of Vicodin because I have so many daddy issues" vocal delivery. Which is AMAZING. Don't think I am throwing shade here. Although I am having a major misheard lyrics situation. Unless the words really are: "tell me/is this fetal baby/chasing after danger." You kno, I have heard babies in utero can get buck wild. Mayb do some somersaults? Hit their twin? Get drunk and pee in the womb? Idk.

***which, for the record, Major Lazer has never been. I am just a fool.


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Honestly, from very, very far off, I thought the cover art for this song was the NBA logo just because they both have the same candy-apple red and royal blue color scheme (that's how little a role sports play in my life lol). It most definitely is not #oops? #myB. Also, as long as we're on the topic of photography, I love that the photo to the left is INSTRUM's choice for a SoundCloud prof pic. Everyone in the crowd is either awkwardly hitting on someone or looking at the back wall. The image doesn't exactly scream "LOOK HOW MUCH FUN MY MUSIC IS!!" Although, few ppl are as neurotic about cover art as I am, so, realistically, no one else will ever even notice this Inkwell-filtered party fail.

But in all fairness, the lame party above must be a result of the guests because INSTRUM consistently produces happy, catchy little ditties perfect to groove along to. He first caught our eye with his infectious, tropical rework of Kanye's "All Falls Down" in April, and when he contacted us last week about the release of his first original song, we jumped at the opportunity to press dat ugly AF orange play button on SoundCloud! Obviously the track did not disappoint or else I wouldn't be blogging about it right now #leDUH. "Come On Over" is a little slice of 1970's-summer all wrapped up in a pair of 2k15-earbuds, and I really don't know what I like more: the nu-disco vibes positively oozing from the track or the Jaymes-Young-style voice of vocalist (and track co-writer!) Jordan Gonzalez.

In short, Austin Powers would throw the fucking rager of the year to this song. The party would have ABBA grooving on the bar and life-size lava lamps filled with UV Blue. Oh, and this song would play on repeat, obviously. Sounds like a good time to me! (Although, tbh, I am 100% bias towards the disco genre. For instance, just this Saturday my friends and I ditched a Deadmau5 concert to rage to Barry White in our apt. And I would make the same choice 11/10 times no doubt about it)

Jamie xx- I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) (ft. Young Thug & Popcaan)

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Sry, I know this single was released over a month ago. With me blogging this only now and Balderston blogging "Lean On" only last month, if we're not careful, t4L is gonna start being known as those girls who are always late to the party (as if we weren't those girls all through college anyways). But I've been too obsessed with this song for the past 72 hours not to do anything about it. My boss actually asked me this morning what I was listening to because I was jamming out to this so subconsciously and obviously^^^.

"Good Times" (duh gonna use the lazy-man's title) combines a British trendsetter, an ATL rapper and a Jamaican dancehall artist (Wikipedia's words, not mine but lol the term "dancehall" hasn't been in fashion since the Kennedy's still had good luck). On paper, this combo should bomb. It should be like that time a DJ tried to combine Green Day, saxophone and tropical synth all in one 8-count. Aka it should sound worse than Kim Kardashian getting a Brazilian wax.

But of course Jamie Smith makes this eclectic combo work. His production skills and choices are unparallelled in the industry RN and "Good Times" is only one song off of his basically flawless new album, In Colour, just released May 29th. The whole product is a little piece of #hipsterheaven for you to start off your summer right. Up until "Good Times", the album is an array of infectious synth, fun percussion choices and awesome guest vocalists like his own school chums/ 'the xx'-ers themselves, Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim! After "Good Times" comes 2 last tracks, the first of which is entitled "The Rest is Noise", which straight up informs the listener that the rest of the album is nothing but accompaniment and the occasional warblings of what sounds like a half-human-half-whale creature (you try describing the mystical sounds in "Girl". It's hard AF). I'm loving this move, Mr. Smith (Mr. xx if yah nasty). Like if all artists just entitled their tracks honestly my life would be so much better (Exhibit A: If the first song off of A$AP's new album At. Long. Last. ASAP. had just been entitled "Disappointment Ahead" or "Far Superior to Long. Live. ASAP" then maybe I would have 2 hours of my life back.)

Ultimately what I learned from In Colour is that music producers should fuck around with random instruments more often. For example, "Obvs" embraces the steel drums and the wood block (or maybe he's just using George Michael's wood block app?), "Sleep Sound" has what sounds like a thumb piano as accompaniment and "Good Times" mo-def has some cow bell worked in there. The moral of the story from my favorite album of 2015 so far?: Follow even ur weirdest bliss, music producers of the world. Unless "your bliss" is remixing a Green Day song. Remember, some #tbts are best left unsurfaced.)

Buy the whole album here!

^^^but I didn't know if I should recommend a 52-yr-old-West-Chester-mom-of-two a song that goes "I'm riding in that p*ssy like a stroller/ I'll survive in a mothafuckin' gutter/ that's my motherfuckin' woadie, like the Noila/ And I'm coming red like Coca-Cola".......... She already thinks I'm prety edgy for listening to Vampire Weekend so I think this uber hipster stuff might send her into cardiac arrest.

Demo Taped - Not Enough

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Warning: the music doesn't start on this track until approximately half a minute in. DO NOT WORRY, you haven't gone deaf. Persevere*** past these 30 seconds, because you are in for a magical treat. "Not Enough" is the poppy electronic jam of my dreams. Upbeat synths, twinkly keyboard accompaniment, and slightly amateaurish male vocals (I swear that's a compliment). What more could I ask for? And check this, Adam Alexander is 17 years old. Sigh. Y2K bb. Adam, you are killing the 17 year old game. I was surrounded by a lot of them this weekend, and they were mostly dressed slutty and instagramming selfies. So props for that. You probably live in your Mom's house, and you should! Back to the tune, a lot of bloggers are bringing up Jai Paul. I see that comparison. But call me crazy (many have), something about this guy's voice reminds me of Sufjan Stevens. Minus, you know, the warbling about depressing religious themes and the state of Michigan. Demo Taped, I await your next song!!

***had to pause for a longggg time to write that word. I feel like that's hardest word you learn in 3rd grade. And there's a lot of shit I forgot from that year. Like half my times tables. And the capital of Vermont. Don't be sad for me, I have Google.

Cheat Codes - Visions

6/10/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

HI GUYS!! Remember me!? I'm the girl who wants you to have trampolines at your shows. (And I am fully prepared to sue you if you become famous for doing that. xoxo) First of all, I'm dumb because I thought this song was called "Visions Mastered" In reality, I was listening to the mastered version of "Visions." This ultimately reminded me of a gag reel where a dumb actor was fed the line "Here" with the further instructions, "like a question," and he said "Here like a question." Lol. Let's stop and remember those people make millions of dollars. Life is a cruel mistress. Anyways, the mastered version of Cheat Codes new song sounds excellent. Bouncy (PERFECT FOR A TRAMPOLINE), summery, and full of lyrics that remind me of my favorite thing in the world, Insomnia Cookies. "I'm getting visions of you / Alone in my bed / I can smell your perfume / get out of my head" Have you ever been stoned in bed and dreamed of a cookie? Well, if you haven't, you probably shouldn't be reading this blog. And if you have dreamed such a dream, you understand that nothing is more seductive than the smell of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. I'M GETTIN VISIONS OF UUUUUUU.

*RELEASE* Hudson Mohawke- Very First Breath (LTMR Remix)

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Welcome to the return of the remix! Lol that we haven't blogged an unoriginal since May 6th (we rock at music blogging), but if you read our govBall coverage you'll understand why: we've been feeling old as shit lately and old ppl simply don't listen to remixes. Sry I gave in and conformed to my brittle bones when amongst flower-crowned 15-yr-olds awkwardly hitting on each other, but this LTMR remix has definitely pulled me out of this feeling-old funk!

His latest track, released yesterday, is the perfect example of how a good remixer can take even the shittiest original track and turn it into an infectious, good-vibes ditty. It's just a gift that both I and DJEarworm** do not possess. LaTiMeR is a different story, however. I only made it :37 seconds into the original before having to relieve my ears whereas I've had LaTiMeR's version of the song on repeat for 23 minutes now and the only problem I can find is with the length! Come'on LTMR! Only 2:41 seconds of that warm and fuzzy synth??? That's just cruel. About as cruel as Flo-Ro omitting "Cosmic Love" from her setlist at govBall #stillnotoverit.

**seriously, I never got his hype. All his songs sound like an entire apartment building is blasting a different radio station in each unit at the same time

LIVE! Review: Governor's Ball 2015- Day 3 (Mayer Hawthorne, Tame Impala, The War on Drugs, + more)

6/08/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

DISCLAIMER: We r old (23, which, turns out, is 67 in music-festival years) and had real-world jobs to return to in the AM, so we straight up left before Hot Chip, Lana and The Black Keys. But also, those are probably the three most blogged acts from yesterday so reading about them elsewhere will be easy!


Only caught the last 2 songs of ur act, but u rocked, Hermitude. Like Flume, but better. If the line to get into Gov Ball hadn't held us hostage for 40 minutes we would most likely be raving about your entire set.

Mayer Hawthorne

The one concert where we suppressed our 12-yr-old-boy-with-ADHD attention spans to wait out for a front row spot. And it was 100% worth it. With his high-energy and bleached hair, he's kind of like an albino Bruno Mars. Or at least he fit the bill with his swoon-worthy vocals and his spiffy 3-piece ensemble. Also, we're glad him and his band followed the Workaholics rule, Fedora limit: 1 per group:

We have to give Mayer and the band major props for pulling a Frankie Valli + The Four Seasons and basically being in-step every song. It was a classy AF move and honestly something every multiple-person stage act should do. In addition, unlike female vocalists, Mayer does not cop out on the high-notes. Each falsetto was more glorious than the last and "The Walk" was really just all-around magical in case you were wondering. But y no "You're Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin'", Mayerrrr? Second biggest disappointment to Florence not playing "Cosmic Love" (still not over it...)

Highlights of the Performance:

#1: He covered Aerosmith's "Walk This Way". It is was literally the best surprise of the day.

#2: The guitarist's pants basically fell down mid-song and the stage-hand had to fly in and save him from flashing little children ('cause ppl bring their toddlers to these festivals! a sad but true fact). Homeboy still didn't miss a beat on his axe though (<--- can we pull off saying axe? Probably not)

#3: WE CAUGHT MAYER HAWTHORNE'S FUCKING DRUMSTICK #highfiving1millionangels!! Yes, that's right, 1/2 of t4L was that crazy ginger in the cat dress and yellow-daisy crown raging at the front and playing 2 hipsters' heads like a pair of bongos. #followurbliss ppl: the moral of gov ball.

So, we only knew "Push" by him so we were expecting like fun, light music. Instead we now understand what we assume an epileptic seizure feels like. Maybe we were simply too stoned (nintendo). On the plus side, his cover of Alesso's "Cool" was pretty stellar. 10 points to Slytherin for that, A-Trak.

Tame Impala
Str8 up thought Porkey Pig was gonna pop
out of the concentric circles and stutter
"that's all folks!" Their visualizer game was on
fleek (def the first time "fleek" has been used
to describe a psychedelic visualizer) 
BRINGSSS ITT. In the top 3 overall. Truly when we closed our eyes we felt like we were at Woodstock in the 60's' during this set. A little jam bandy for our taste (their opener was like 10 minutes long), but live they reminded us a bit of Daft Punk, which felt really surprising. Or maybe they sounded nothing like Daft Punk. We were..impaired. What we do know is the vocals sound exactly the same as on record. Also, Kevin Parker has the speaking voice of John Lennon. It's so similar that we can only believe it to be parody. And before you yell at us, we know Parker is Australian and John Lennon was not, but we swear to god this similarity transcends accent.

Weird Al

The man started by screeching "NYC ARE YOU READY TO POLKA?!?!" and then broke into a polka version of "Wrecking Ball". To sum the performance up in one sentence, Weird Al definitely lived up to his name. And, ultimately, props to him for making a career on parody pre-YouTube. But, after seven minutes, we no longer need to hear the hoe-down version of "Call Me Maybe." Al, what we longed for were more of your old originals!!! Where was "What I Bought On Ebay"? "Rice Rice Baby" ?  Our summer jams of 2003.

The War on Drugs

Literally we think we had a religious experience during this set. Tbh, we don't know if it was just The War on Drug's live performance abilities that elevated us to this level, although those were honestly phenomenal. We also found the love of our lives during this set in the form of cheeseburgers. We each had the American Cut burger with bourbon onions, beer cheese and pickles and it was fucking mind-blowing. The combination of this delicious burger and The War on Drug's heavenly sound truly propelled us into #hipsterheaven (aka WASP's hell. One man's trash, yah know?)

Highlights of their performance included multiple harmonica solos (has harmonica EVR made a song worse? #no) and basically a fantastic guitar solo during every song. When did we stop employing guitar solos to fill that bridge part of the song? What dick-head of a music producer decided to make the switch from bridges filled with guitar solos every other song to bridges filled with Nicki Minaj verse every other song? #notokay

Noah Gallagher's High Flying Birds

All you need to know is that Champagne Supernova made the appearance it deserved and we were having major flashbacks to the Summer-Seth Spiderman kiss of 2005.


BIGGEST REGRET OF THE DAY: Not being there to see Hot Chip cover "Dancing in the Dark". My old bones are too brittle 4 a full three day rager tho.

BEST ACT OF THE DAY: Mayor Hawthorne (kinda hard to top a front-row show, though, so this is kinda biased). Honorable Mention goes to Tame Impala. This day was too good to pick just 1 #sry.

BEST OUTFIT: dude walking around wearing nothing but a pair of homemade jorts and a flower crown. No fucks given.

BEST OVERHEARD IN THE POPSICLE LINE: "Bjork was like....A STORM. I burst into tears at one of these songs. No I don't remember which one!! She had fireworks, she had flames!! Also Drake's fans are the worst." --enthusiastic male fan

BEST OVERHEARD NEAR THE COCONUT STAND: A girl asking another for permission to snap a pic of her coconut beverage. "I want to Instagram this but I don't wanna buy it."

BEST OVERHEARD AT WEIRD AL: "What the fuck. I can't with this."

BEST SPOTTED BY THE GOV BALL STAGE: A topless woman brushing people's hair.

BEST (OR WORST) SPOTTED BY THE BIG APPLE STAGE: Girl with shorts so short she bent over and you could see that there were just two red spray painted arrows on her butt pointing to her a**hole. Ugh, youths.

BEST FOOD OF THE DAY: Do I even need to fucking say it:

American Cut, ILY
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LIVE! Review: Governor's Ball 2015- Day 2 (Kiesza, Little Dragon, SBTRKT, + more)

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Sharon Van Etten

We really don't even know what happened during this set. We were distracted by flower crowns and the fact that we were standing 4 feet away from Emma Roberts (who either is brilliant and was rocking a cheap blonde dye-job to blend into the festival crowd, or just has bad taste in hair color for a celeb who can afford to do it right.)


We only caught Kiesza for the last like 4 or 5 songs but she fucking rocked it. We also walked past her cruising in a golf cart like literally not even 5 minutes before the performance began. Homegirl just seems chill AS. Hideaway was everything we hoped and more. She didn't cop out on the high notes and her high stage energy matched her sassy, rocker mohawk perfectly. Our one caveat with the performance was that she didn't close with Hideaway; She closed with some weird heavily-bassed mess. 10 points from Gryffindor for that one, Kiesz. 

Little Dragon

Idk why, but this set seemed to go on furrrrrrver. But Ritual Union was actually the chillest. We love when we can dance like the Charlie Brown characters at a music festival and Ritual Union fulfilled that desire. The mic could have been a tiny bit louder, but overall we were singing "Ritual Union" riding the ferry back at 10pm so it obviously had an even bigger impact on us than we originally thought.

Future Islands

Didn't see him but our friend was front row for it and said it was amazzzz. The lead singer has the dance moves of James Brown and really that should be a trait more popular in electronic artists today. Or just more common in men as a subspecies in general.


Really didn't have high expectations for him (...correction: them lol. nvr write blog posts post-wake-n-bake if yah wanna git it right) going in, but the hard-core rapping was a nice breath of fresh air. If only gov ball employed more rappers (could have been bad if I missed a "p" there...). Like A$AP where r u??? You live in New York, literally just hop on over to Randall's Island and rap about L$D pLz! Is that too much to ask?

Ultimately, we were kind of rolling around in the grass during Atomsphere's performance so we couldn't see them on stage too well, but their vocals and rhyme rhythm were both on point. This was also when we discovered free maple bacon chips, so life was going well overall.

Conor Oberst

I literally thought they had let a homeless Canadian man onto the stage. Didn't recognized the man without "the lead singer of Bright Eyes" as an epithet. He also was rocking a wide-brimmed felt hat ala a Canandian ranger.... in 80 degree heat. Not sure the thought process there. Ultimately, the highlights of this performance wasn't even Oberst (who tbh sang like he was about to be executed. comon Conor, is your life that sad), it was his accompaniment choices. He had a three-person horn section and an organist at one point! Take notes, other artist ppl, take notes.

The visuals of this show are confusing. Are we watching a sea anemone give birth? Bjork does shoot off fireworks tho, meaning she brought a more legit stage show to this festival than any other headliner. How does it feel to be bested by an Icelandic fairy, Drizzy? Points deducted for not using the jumbo screens. How the f am I supposed to tell if she is wearing her magical swan dress from 100 miles away? Also, couldn't even hear her singing, so I have no comment on that. But we did the Kristen Wiig impression voice for the entirety of the set and I can't imagine it was more fun than that.

We went to this for 10 mins. It was great. And then we left to see SBTRKT. We have...regrets. You will see why. Hindsight is 20/20 people.


Honestly, he tempted us away from Flume by starting out playing his cool, tropically stuff. And then, once were lured into this false state of security, he fucking pulls out his new trance music. His new stuff is what I imagine elevator music would be in an all-robot, futuristic society. Or how Ross' (from Friends, fucking duh) college band sounds. In sum: your space music is putting me to sleep and I'm on molly. I wish the crowd threw tomatoes at you for denying us "Never Never."


Honestly, this is super embarrassing, but instead of going to Deadmau5 we took the ferry home and fucking raged to Barry White in our apt like no one has since 1978. It was the right move. Moral of the story: follow your bliss. Especially if it's flailing around to Barry White or the Charlie's Angels Soundtrack.


BIGGEST REGRET OF THE DAY: Ditching Flume for 2001: A Space Odyssey  The SBTRKT show.


BEST FOOD ITEM OF THE DAY: Raspeberry Lime popsicles: Git in mah bellyyyyyy.

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