Beck - Dreams

6/18/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Oh fuck yeah. While I think this is being overhyped,*** I will say "Dreams" is the only thing I heard this week that I liked. And I listen to new music approximately 9 hours a day. (the week of 6/15 had a lotttt of shitty rap you guys. Seriously how many ASAPs are there? Only 1 of them is decent and even his new album has me doubting his legitimacy beyond "Fashion Killa." I digress...)  It's like a PERFECT 90s time capsule gem. But really. The ghosts of all pop-rock bands of yesteryear are present. Everclear: check. Smash Mouth: greetings. I think even Blur is lurking. And those strummy electric guitars are amazing. Also Beck, welcome (back? Does Loser count?) to the world of catchy music. I think you could really be at home here. I know you are normally devoted to being arty and serious, but I think we would all be happier if you sold out and made top 40 music. I mean, I don't need an Ariana Grande collab (YET), but this song is so much better than anything on "Sea Change." So ponder that when you go in the studio pls.

***which seems fitting. I mean guys, isn't Beck as a whole over-hyped? I hate Kanye as much as the next person, but I can't deny he was saying what we were allllll thinking when this dude picked up the biggest Grammy for an album literally NO ONE heard. If you disagree with me you should probably be reading Pitchfork.