BECOME. X Elohim- She Talks Too Much

6/29/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

ERGHHHH, MY EYESSS!!! I would apologize profusely for employing this defaced and Darked-Marked Botticelli in place of the album art but that photo actually is the album art. I know I just gave "The Most WTF Cover Art of All Time Award" to LANY only a couple weeks back for their modern-interpretation of Pop-Eye, but this one may take the cake. Also, idk who that is supposed to be in the painting, but homegirl looks hungover AF. The bags under her eyes indicate that she took one too many patron shots and the ambivalence in her pupils indicates she blacked-out but has the hunch that v. poor decisions were made the previous night...Perhaps really the subconscious reason I h8 this cover art is that it feels like I'm looking at my Sunday-morning-self in the mirror and it's all too real.

BECOME. is the newest project from the EXGF Collective and now I can officially sound like a true music-snob and say I've been with an artist "from the very beginning". Srsly, go google "BECOME." and you will see that before last week they had a smaller digital footprint than Ron Swanson (aka they didn't exist). Their first project is a complete re-work of Elohim's "She Talk Too Much", taking the electro-pop original and twisting it into this sort of downtempo-trap ditty complete with eerie piano and a thumping backbeat. It's really no shock that I'm blogging this remix seeing as I have not been able to get Elohim's flawless original out of my damn head since she released it in May. This is mostly because the song describes t4L to a T. If you look up "the sound of crazy" in the dictionary, t4L's logo actually appears underneath as a definition. If you are having trouble understanding why, perhaps it's because we do fucking weird shit like how we used 9 ron Burgundy quotes in the span of a paragraph or how we compared a 2015 pop song to the literary classic "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde". But, w/e, some people genuinely like the taste of Kale. Honestly, that's wayyyy more weird IMO.